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Westview School
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Additional Programs

The resource program assists the classroom teacher in meeting the learning needs of students and provides direct service to students in need of extra academic or behavioral support. In addition, the resource program provides support for individualized instruction inside the classroom. This allows students to have full participation in the academic and social life of the classroom.

Early Numeracy Intervention

The goal of the early numeracy intervention program is to increase kindergarten and Grade 1 students' understanding of number sense. A part-time staff member will be involved with all students in kindergarten and Grade 1 conducting assessments and employing support throughout the year. The program has had much success in the past and we anticipate similar results.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery™ is a short-term intervention program provided to grade one students who are most at-risk for not learning to read. Students selected are taught individually for one-half hour daily for a period of approximately 15-20 weeks.

Student Support Services

There are a variety of services available through the division for all students in the school through the River East Transcona Student Services Clinical Unit team. These services include behavior intervention, social work, psychology, speech and language, reading tutor, and physiotherapy. All of these specialists work collaboratively with teachers and parents to provide supports for students. Also, there are paraprofessional supports to assist at-risk students on an individual basis and in small group settings.

   Westview  Elementary = WE

 All adults in the school can award “WE Care” tickets to students for having witnessed them demonstrating being safe, being responsible and being respectful.   A ticket is then filled out with the student knowing why and what they did, reinforcing the great choice that the student made. The student will then place the ticket in the class “WE Care Bucket”.

Every two weeks, with a few exceptions, at the Assembly, two “WE Care” tickets are drawn from each class’s bucket and a gift is then selected from the treasure chest.

In addition:

3 times per school year term prizes are drawn from the “WE Care” tickets for that term. 10 names are drawn from each class - 5 for a small and 5 for a larger prize.