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Westview School
River East Transcona School Division

Staff Directory

​For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
A. BlaquiereCLERK / CLC Head Secretary2556 
S. BosakEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
R. BuchananTeacher5347Website
K. CarterEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. CesmystrukTeacher4284Website
A. ChheangCustodian  
P. DeleyTeacher2560Website
T. DenchukEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. DevlinTeacher5462 
K. DrepaulTeacher4225Website
S. DrysdaleEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
K. ForsythTeacher4305Website
K. FraserEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
R. FroeseEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
M. GeladovEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
K. GordilloTeacher4746Website
A. HirstPrincipal2557Website
S. HjartarsonTeacher4534 
M. KaatzEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
K. KarpyshinTeacher4582 
K. MaynardLibrary Tech  
T. MulhollandEDUCATION ASST / EA CASUAL / Educational Assistant  
M. O'NeilSCHOOL SUPPORT / Early Numeracy Facilitator  
C. Paterson-LanouetteTeacher3363Website
D. PretulaTeacher5326Website
N. RempelTeacher4586 
D. RomaniwTeacher5603 
D. SchurTeacher4618Website
M. SorokoTeacher5011Website
M. SpitulaTeacher5302Website
L. StewartTeacher5249Website
E. ThomasTeacher5209Website
L. ThomasTeacher5610 
A. UnrauTeacher2563Website
M. WagnerCUSTODIAN / Head Custodian 1