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Grade five students will have the option to have a fabulous leadership opportunity at Westview. In leadership we will create many projects that teach the students about empathy, caring and taking responsibility.

Grade 3 to 5 Divisional Cross Country

Students work out 2 or 3 times a week to prepare for the "Turkey Trot" held at Birds Hill Park. 

Grade 4-5 Flag Football Tournament

Football club runs from September to Mid-October with the flag football tournament taking place at East Side Eagles Field on the artificial grass.

Grade 5 Divisional Mini-Volleyball Tournament

Our volleyball club practices 2 or 3 times a week in preparation for the Transcona Mini-Volleyball Tournament. Our students will be attending a tournament to be held in late November. Good Luck to our athletes! 

Grade 3 to 5 Floor Hockey

January to March at recess. 7 teams will compete for the Westview Cup. The final is played in front of the whole school.

Tumbling Rally

Tumbling rally club starts after Christmas break and runs for 3 months with the Tumbling Rally event taking placer in late March. This club does individual gymnastics skills and a team routine that is demonstrated on Tumbling Rally night. 

Grade 4 and 5 Handball

Westview has a handball club for both grade 4 and grade 5. The grade 4's play "Zone Handball" and the grade 5's play "Mini Handball". Both games are a progression up to Team Handball. Practices start in late March and the tournaments are held at Bernie Wolfe School in early May. 

Primary Folkdance Festival

Grade 1-3 learn a variety of folk dances in physical education class. Folkdance club is run in the mornings before school and all grade 1-3 students are welcome to attend. Folkdances are practiced and these students lead our students during the songs on folkdance day. 

Grade 5 Track and Field   

Grade 5 track club is after school and during some noon hours. Grade 5's can practice their individual and tetam events for the Grade 5 track and field event at Radisson School held in June.


A tri-school mini tournament be held in March. 

Parents are welcome to come and cheer us on at all interscholastic events.