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Wayoata School
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Behaviour Expectations

All students are expected to meet the three school expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. School wide matrices are used to support students to meet these expectations. School assemblies allow for the teaching of the expectations school wide and the recognition of students who successfully meet expectations.  Student success is also celebrated as a community when students work together to earn school wide and classroom rewards. Follow up reinforcement of the expectations is completed in classrooms to further support student success in meeting expectations. If students are having difficulty meeting expectations parents will be contacted to provide support for those students to work towards success.

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Lunch Program Expectations 

All students in the lunch program must follow the school wide expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible as well as the expectations specific to the lunch program as indicated on the lunch matrix or their privileges of eating lunch at school may be suspended. In that case, parents would be responsible for making alternate arrangements.

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Solution Wheel

Students who are having a disagreement on the playground will be directed  to use the solution wheel that is posted in classroom windows. The solution wheel helps students choose a problem solving strategy to use during a disagreement. Any situation that involves physical or verbal aggression will be referred directly to administration.


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