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Valley Gardens Middle School
River East Transcona School Division

Student Support Services

Learning Assistance Room

The Learning Assistance Room (LAR) is part of the student support services at Valley Gardens. This room is available for students who need support in various areas of the curriculum. Students may come to this room for academic assistance, testing, remediation, transitioning to our school, catching up after an absence, oral testing, EAL students and support for individual student programming.

Guidance Counsellor

Services Provided

Assist students with the daily challenges of being a teenager
Help students reach their personal best emotionally and academically
Act as an advocate for students, helping them to express their concerns and needs
Providing individual, group and crisis counselling
Act as a liaison between parents, school staff and outside agencies
Assist students in making positive proactive decisions

Students may see the guidance counsellor for many reasons.  Some of them include

A death, dealing with disappointment, making friends, family concerns, coping with stress, rejection, peer pressure, choices, etc.
To see the counsellor, students fill out a self-referral form found in their grade level hallway.  The student fills in the form and will then either give it to the counsellor or slip it under the counsellor's  door if the counsellor is absent.  Teachers and parents may also refer students to the counsellor.

The school guidance counsellor be reached at 668-6249 or via email at:

Jenilee McLarty, Guidance Counsellor