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Transcona Collegiate
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Core Subjects


To graduate from Transcona Collegiate students must have at least one mathematics course from each grade level.

Choosing the appropriate math stream when transitioning from grade 9 to grade 10 is an important decision to make. Please click here to view our PowerPoint presentation for information in helping guide students to make the right choice.

Applied Mathematics 

Applied Mathematics calls for less direct teaching and more student-directed learning than traditional math courses. 

Applied Math is intended for responsible learners that are able to work both independently and cooperatively with their peers. 

All of the Applied Mathematics courses are heavily data-driven, and promote the learning of numerical and geometric problem-solving techniques. Students develop mathematical concepts by analyzing the data collected from experiments and activities. 

Due to the Nature of this program each student must own a TI-83 Plus calculator. (Texas Instrument)

Essentials Mathematics 

All of the Consumer mathematics courses are intended for students whose post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and science related fields. There are several university faculties, which will accept Consumer Math for an entry requirement. These faculties do not involve heavy math study. (Please see the university information included with this registration handbook, or speak with one of our counsellors.) 

Students are expected to work both individually and in small groups on mathematical concepts and skills, which are encountered and used in a technological society. Examples of alternative assessments include projects, summative unit essays, experiments, journals and portfolios. 

Pre-Calculus Mathematics 

All of the Pre-Calculus Mathematics courses are designed for students who intend to study calculus and related mathematics as part of their post secondary education. 

The courses demand a high-level study of theoretical mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving and mental mathematics, supported by cumulative exercises and testing.

 Students are required to learn mathematical concepts through practice and regular homework. Understanding mathematical concepts prepares students for the unfamiliar questions and problems they encounter on exercises, tests and examinations.


To graduate from Transcona Collegiate students must complete Science 10F, Science 20F and one of Biology 30S, Chemistry 30S, Physics 30S or Science 30S. For further information on all science courses offered at Transcona Collegiate please visit our Registration Handbook