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River East Transcona School Division

Student Dress Code

RETSD Divisional Code:

The River East Transcona School Division believes the best learning and behaving takes place in a safe, caring, and respectful environment.  Sudents shall dress in a manner that is appropriate for learning and working.

  1. Parents and students are responsible for appropriate student attire.
  2. Offensive images such as inappropriate slogans, racist, sexist, or demeaning pictures and/or words on clothing, handbags, backpacks, ets., are not permitted.
  3. Students are prohibited from wearing gang colours, meaning those signs, symbols, or other identifying representations of gangs.
  4. School administrators will have the authority to address inappropriate attire in their schools.


At TCI we believe students should dress for school as if it were their work place.  We do not want a student's choice of dress to be a distraction to learning.  Students can demonstrate their desire to be a TITAN by dressing appropriately for school.

Parent and students are responsible for appropriate student attire.  In keeping with the division's objective to make all students and staff feel safe, welcome and comfortable, the following dress code is in effect:

  • Clothing should not have images or lettering that would be offensive to students, staff, or the public.
  • Clothing which covers the chest, back, and midriff is considered appropriate.
  • Clothing must go over the student's shoulders.
  • Shirt/top must touch pants/shirt at the hipline or waistline.
  • Clothing needs to cover the undergarments at all times (including when bending down).
  • Shorts and skirts must be of appropriate and respectable length.
  • All outerwear including coats, parkas, jackets, etc. are not to be brought into class. (exception made due to locker use restrictions during pandemic)

School staff will have the authority to address inappropriate attire in their schools.  Persons wearing inappropriate clothing may be sent home.  Repeated offenses may lead to further action as determined by the school.