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Cell Phone Policy

The RETSD has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that provides direction for the use of cell phones and electronic devices for students at Transcona Collegiate. 

BYOD policy highlights include:

  • Students will be allowed to bring their personal devices to school to use in class under the direction of their teacher .
  • Students can bring their smartphone, iPad, tablet, netbook, or laptop to use in class. The device must be able to connect to the internet and have the ability to access RETSD-supported cloud storage and collaboration tools such as Office 365.
  • Students will be expected to log on to the division network, which is monitored and filtered for content, using their school-provided login credentials
  • Students will be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal devices, just as they are for any other personal items they bring to school. The division is not responsible for any additional costs students may incur.
  • Students will be given guidelines for using their personal devices and will be expected to adhere to RETSD's Code of Conduct.

While not every lesson will incorporate the use of technology here at Transcona Collegiate, teachers know that if used the right way, it can be a powerful tool for extending and enriching learning. The increased number of devices in a classroom can enhance opportunities for students to:

  • Access a global library of content, resources and experts
  • Research world events and topics in real time
  • Communicate effectively and work collaboratively with peers and teachers
  • Share ideas, opinions and arguments in creative ways
  • Personalize their learning
  • Achieve digital citizenship
  • Experience equitable learning opportunities, especially for students with special needs

When students use their electronic devices at school they are expected to be safe, respectful and responsible with their devices. This means that they will be required to:

  • be polite, respectful and co-operative to all people within the school community both in face to face interactions and through social media
  • develop self-discipline, using the device in the classroom only as directed by the teacher
  • respect that fellow students have a right to a school environment that is free from violence, online and in person
  • respect school property (i.e. school provided devices and equipment) and the personal property of others (student owned devices)

Teachers will work with the students in their classes to ensure that the BYOD expectations are clear and understood. When student are having difficulty meeting the behaviour expectations, with respect to their device, teachers will follow our behaviour response cycle as they would in any event where students were having difficulty meeting behaviour expectations. Students will be reminded of the expectation, teachers may have a private conversation with the student, parents may be contacted by teachers and administration may become involve.

At Transcona Collegiate we look forward to working with our students, parents/guardians and staff to integrate technology into our classes in a meaningful, responsible and authentic way. Should you require further clarification of our BYOD policy please see our frequently asked questions for parents or contact our school administration.