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​Staff Directory

For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
C. AdamsonTeacher4899Website
K. AmatoTeacher4555Website
G. Bacosa-PuhawanEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. BarronEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
R. BeaudinEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
M. BedardTeacher4834Website
S. BraganzaTeacher5560 
K. BuffieTeacher5335Website
C. BurkeCASUAL / AFM Community Worker  
J. CarmonaEDUCATION ASST / CASUAL / Educational Assistant  
K. ChheangCUSTODIAN / Head Custodian 2  
M. ColipanoCustodian  
S. CorbettVICE-PRINCIPAL / TEACHER / Vice Principal 22787 
P. DouglasEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. DucharmeTeacher4519Website
H. DyckEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
B. EoriTeacher2930Website
K. FewerTeacher4902Website
N. FisherEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
C. FrobisherCASUAL / Dog Therapy  
E. GaleotafioreEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
R. GrieveTeacher4678Website
B. HaiderTeacher5202Website
R. HaklarEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
T. HawrylukTeacher4518Website
K. HillEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. IlchynaTeacher5029Website
K. JacobPrincipal2789Website
J. JajamTeacher4727Website
B. JaksicTeacher5496 
G. JefferyCustodian  
B. JonassonTeacher5027Website
C. JonesEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
S. KakoskeLibrary Tech  
S. KantylukTeacher4461 
S. KeenasEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. KnutsonTeacher2796Website
A. KressTeacher4853 
M. LacroixCustodial Aide  
B. LebeauEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. L'HeureuxEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. MartensTeacher4364Website
S. MartinTeacher2800Website
S. MartinTeacher4941Website
C. McLaughlinCLERK / Secretary2783 
H. McLeanSCHOOL SUPPORT / Safety and Security Monitor  
K. McMillan-VandenbogerdCASUAL / NorWest Youth Hub Therapist  
J. MedwechukCLERK / EDUCATION ASST / Secretary2782 
A. MensiesEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. MontaninoTeacher5536 
M. MooreVICE-PRINCIPAL / Vice Principal 12788Website
L. OdgerEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
C. OudenampsenEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
M. PageEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
C. PalmerTeacher4730Website
T. PaulEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
M. PostmaCustodial Aide  
S. PufahlTeacher4311Website
C. RodrigueTeacher4592Website
M. RomppelTeacher4396 
T. RomuTeacher4685Website
B. RouireTeacher4860Website
T. RubidgeEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
K. SchiolerEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
T. SevillaEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. SteinhilberTeacher4632Website
C. StolarTeacher4683Website
M. StublerTeacher4781 
T. TabbernorTeacher2797Website
J. TesterTeacher  
I. TratchTeacher4575Website
S. TrimbleCLERK / CLC Head Secretary2784 
F. UmanaCustodial Aide  
R. UrbanikTeacher2802 
J. ValainisTeacher4720Website
M. WiebeTeacher4448Website
K. WildeTeacher4687Website
C. YoungTeacher2795Website
K. ZiolkoskiCLERK / CLERK CASUAL / Secretary2542