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École Sun Valley School
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Curricular Programs

Sun Valley offers a full-spectrum curriculum as mandated by Manitoba Education. We strive to provide each student with an opportunity to reach their potential by providing an integrated program that encourages academic, social, physical, and emotional growth.

Our programming focuses on:

  • English
  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Physical education/health
  • Music
  • French communication and culture (formerly basic French), Grades 4 and 5
  • Art

French Immersion

Sun Valley offers an early French Immersion Program. Students enter the program at the kindergarten or Grade 1 level. The instruction in Grades 1 through 5 is 25 per cent English and 75 per cent French. Kindergarten classes are conducted entirely in French with some use of English at the beginning of the program to establish routines.

The French Immersion Program provides students with an opportunity to learn a second language by using it. Students acquire both a knowledge and functional use of the French language by the end of the Grade 12. This learning is enhanced through a rich variety of activities, such as special assemblies, field trips, cross-grade sharing, and cultural experiences.

The mixture of academic, social, and cultural learning opportunities encourages students to develop a positive attitude toward all cultures. A pamphlet describing the French Immersion Program is available from the school office.

The goal of immersion programs is to enable students whose first language and culture are not French to function effectively in French. Functional use of the language includes:

  • Enabling students to take further education at the post-secondary level with French as the language of instruction (e.g., understanding what is taught to them, researching and writing papers, and participating in class discussions)
  • Allowing students to accept employment using French as the working language or to live in a Francophone milieu
  • Enabling students to participate easily in conversation
  • Enabling students to understand and appreciate attitudes and customs other than their own

It is understood that students who spend more time in the French program tend to be more functionally bilingual. The program follows the curriculum outlined by the Bureau de l'éducation française.

Canadian Parents for French is a nationwide voluntary association for parents that promotes the French Immersion Program in Canadian schools. For more information about this association and the French Immersion Program, please visit their website.


Music is a basic means of expression and communication embraced throughout history by virtually all cultures. A study of music is valuable in developing the whole child—emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually—and expanding sensory perception, imagination, and creativity. The goal of the music program at Sun Valley is to develop students' appreciation of music through singing, movement, playing instruments, writing, creating, improvising, and listening.

In the early years (K–3), students learn the basic building blocks of musical development. Singing in tune, establishing an awareness of beat or pulse, playing a variety of percussion instruments, and learning to read and interpret basic musical notation are but one main focus of the provincial music curriculum.

Students in Grades 4 to 5 continue to use skills developed in the early years and also begin to study the soprano recorder and its family members—the alto, tenor, and bass recorders. These wind instruments allow students to experience a more sophisticated form of music making, learning how to perform as a soloist and in an ensemble setting. In playing the recorder, students are prepared for junior high band programs.

Throughout the music program, students experience a variety of musical genres, cultural songs, and dances. As well, students generate and use various ideas in creating music. At Sun Valley, we believe all children have the inherent ability to make music and share in the artistic expression of the human experience.

"Use the talents you possess,
For the woods would be a silent place
if no birds sang except the best."
— Henry van Dyke

Physical Education/Health

Sun Valley has adopted the provincial vision for physical education/health through unified programming. When viewed together, this approach heightens the importance of both subject areas and supports a stronger message to students about making safe, healthy lifestyle choices. The focus is to promote the development of movement and personal management skills for lifelong physical activity and fitness. This knowledge helps reduce health risks by developing skills and processes for making health-enhancing decisions for active, healthy lifestyles. 

The integrated curriculum emphasizes knowledge about health and fitness. This includes nutrition, stress management, prevention of health problems, safety, and violence prevention, as well as exercise and fitness. At Sun Valley, an extensive extracurricular program complements our physical education/health curriculum.