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École Sun Valley School
River East Transcona School Division

School Climate/Discipline

Academic Excellence

The staff is committed to academic excellence by:

  • Recognizing the individual needs of each child
  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Encouraging good work habits
  • Developing the skills of communication through language development so the student has the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with confidence and courtesy 
  • Developing the skills of co-operative/collaborative group interaction to develop an awareness of their responsibility to others
  • Developing basic skills and strategies in the areas of reading, writing, problem-solving, computing, social studies, science and environmental studies, health, physical education, and music
  • Assisting students to evaluate their performance and set realistic goals for further progress, developing understanding that will assist with living in our ever-changing society

Social & Personal Development

The staff is committed to students' personal and social development by:

  • Promoting within the student a positive self-image
  • Helping the student grow personally by developing knowledge and understanding, aesthetic appreciation, and a wide range of interests
  • Assisting the student to respect and appreciate the values and feelings of others
  • Fostering within the student a sense of responsibility to themselves and developing an awareness of their role in society

Maintaining Student Behaviour

The staff is committed to maintaining student behaviour by:

  • Modelling appropriate behaviour through our words and actions, as students tend to emulate teachers and parents
  • Discussing differences between acceptable and unacceptable behaviours


The staff is dedicated to creating a caring, non-threatening learning environment. We believe all children have the right to emotional and physical safety. We believe all staff share responsibility for the behaviour as well as the learning of our students. We believe discipline and teaching students to be responsible, respectful, and safe is necessary to develop a sense of responsibility and self-control in school and later in life.

We expect that:

  • Children will treat each other and staff in school and on the playground in a caring, considerate, and respectful manner
  • Children will have input into classroom and schoolwide rules and develop self-control so they do not hurt themselves or others

The staff will set and model the expectations for acceptable behaviour. If children engage in unacceptable behaviour, the staff responsible for them will work as a team to plan logical consequences. We will help children to develop their self-esteem and to maintain their self-respect. We will discipline children in the manner expected of a kind, firm, and judicious parent. In the event that a child is unable to control themselves as determined by the staff responsible for them, the child will be sent home and will be allowed to return to school when accompanied by a parent, so that a plan of action can be worked out.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents may influence their child's perception of the importance of school by:

  • Encouraging a positive attitude toward achievement
  • Encouraging respect for fellow students, school personnel, and property
  • Maintaining regular communication with their child about school matters
  • Encouraging their child to attend regularly and punctually and complete all school assignments