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Sun Valley School
River East Transcona School Division

​Staff Directory

For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneE-mailWebsite
K. BaydackTeacher / Perm Teacher4359Website
M. BeauchampPrincipal3241Website
R. CarriereEducation Asst / Ea3 Educational Asst  
M. Clarke-JohnsonTeacher / Perm Teacher5239Website
L. CurtisTeacher / Perm Teacher4919Website
L. DevaneyEducation Asst / Ea3 Educational Asst  
L. DowbenkoTeacher / Term Teacher4224Website
B. DudenhofferTeacher / Term Teacher5391 
C. DufaultTeacher / Perm Teacher5141Website
C. FouillardTeacher / Perm Teacher5210Website
L. GingeraTeacher / Perm Teacher2383Website
M. GossenTeacher / Perm Teacher4723Website
A. HannaCustodial Aide  
V. HarlingTeacher / Perm Teacher4932Website
A. JohnstoneTeacher / Perm Teacher4850Website
D. Kopys-LarocqueTeacher / Perm Teacher4487Website
A. LabelleTeacher / Perm Teacher4475Website
M. MaguireNon-Union / Early Numeracy Facil  
B. McIntyreVice-Principal / Teacher / Perm Teacher3251Website
K. McLellan-PageTeacher / Perm Teacher3243Website
T. MillarEducation Asst / Ea3 Educational Asst  
D. MorrisonLibrary Tech / Ltb Library Technici  
S. MuellerEducation Asst / Ea3 Educational Asst  
S. OdaiskyTeacher / Perm Teacher4258Website
H. OsenaCustodian  
C. PaulTeacher / Perm Teacher5195Website
R. Paul-ballardTeacher / Perm Teacher4588 
K. PhillipsTeacher / Perm Teacher5175Website
B. PopelTeacher / Term Teacher5426 
S. RamirezCustodial Aide  
A. RawdonTeacher / Perm Teacher5088Website
M. ReidEducation Asst / Ea3 Educational Asst  
L. RoyTeacher / Perm Teacher4199Website
P. RubenfeldTeacher / Perm Teacher4200Website
A. SachvieTeacher / Perm Teacher4748Website
J. SanchezTeacher / Perm Teacher4719Website
S. StefanikCustodial Aide  
R. SzotaTeacher / Perm Teacher4879Website
S. TeaseTeacher / Perm Teacher5228Website
M. TellierTeacher / Perm Teacher4831Website
J. UnruhTeacher / Term Teacher4839Website
Y. VandenbergClerk / Clc Head Secretary3238 
L. VanderhooftTeacher / Perm Teacher5333Website
K. WaiteTeacher / Perm Teacher5124Website
K. WalkerEducation Asst / Ea3 Educational Asst  
T. WalkerClerk / Cla Secretary3240 
D. WellmanTeacher / Perm Teacher3248Website
C. WilversTeacher / Perm Teacher4226Website
A. ZiprickTeacher / Term Teacher5434 
D. ZylstraTeacher / Perm Teacher4881Website