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What is the Salisbury Morse Place Community School Association?

The community school association is your "parent-teacher council." It's an organization that through the co-operation of parents and school staff attempts to meet the goal of obtaining a successful learning experience for the students - early and middle years - of Salisbury Morse Place School.

As indicated in The Family is Critical to Student Achievement, a survey of research published by the National Committee for Citizens in Education (a U.S. non-profit advocacy group):

The evidence is now beyond dispute. When schools work together with families to support learning, children tend to succeed not just in school, but throughout life. In fact, the most accurate predictor of a student's achievement in school is not income or social status, but the extent to which that student's family is able to:

1. Create a home environment that encourages learning;
2. Express high (but not unrealistic) expectations for their children's achievement and future careers;
3. Become involved in their children's education at school and the community.

What does this mean?

Through a partnership between school staff and parents, we can develop a school environment that is positive, supportive, and stimulating. An environment that helps students to meet their academic goals while developing positive attitudes and respect for themselves and others.

Most importantly the community school association provides a forum for discussion, a source of information for parents, and an effective means of communication between the school and the community.

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