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Salisbury Morse Place School
River East Transcona School Division
Staff Directory

​For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneE-mailWebsite
T. BallantyneEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
G. BartelEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. BertheletteEducation Asst / Educational Assistant Website
S. BlanchetteTeacher / Teacher5234Website
S. BurnettTeacher / Teacher5364 
N. CaoCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
M. ChemClerk / Clc Head Secretary2877 
M. ChmurzynskiTeacher / Teacher5008 
M. De guzmanTeacher / Teacher5438 
T. De jongTeacher / Teacher4293 
L. DubielTeacher / Teacher4265Website
L. DudeckTeacher / Bldg Attendant / Teacher4352 
A. Dunford-VerrillTeacher / Teacher5314Website
K. DunnEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. EnnsCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
J. EvansVice-Principal / Vice-Principal2880Website
L. EvansTeacher / Teacher4770 
A. FosterClerk / Secretary2692 
L. FriesenEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
N. GagnonTeacher / Teacher2894Website
J. GieseTeacher / Teacher2889Website
M. GlowackiTeacher / Teacher4348Website
A. GlufkaTeacher / Teacher4506 
D. GoertzenEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
N. GooldTeacher / Teacher4190Website
D. GriffithsEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. GrossTeacher / Teacher4402Website
E. HarrisTeacher / Teacher4470Website
C. HiebertClerk / Secretary  
L. HiebertEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
R. HirschEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. HunnieTeacher / Teacher4189 
D. HykawayCustodian / Day/Night Custodian  
G. JacksonTeacher / Teacher4869Website
D. JanisTeacher / Teacher4846Website
K. JohnsonTeacher / Teacher5461Website
I. KaurEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. KlassenVice-Principal / Teacher / Vice-Principal2882Website
V. KlassenLibrary Tech / Library Tech Website
M. KorkarTeacher / Teacher4247 
N. Krawchenko-ChaputTeacher / Teacher4389Website
R. KuranTeacher / Teacher4568 
A. KwartelHead Custodian / Head Custodian 2  
K. LauzonEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
D. Lebleu HagenaarsTeacher / Teacher5160Website
E. LilleyCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
R. LinkTeacher / Teacher4273Website
S. LopushanskyEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
C. LumbTeacher / Teacher5018Website
R. LunaEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
T. Mackenzie-shachtayClerk / Secretary2879 
A. MainsEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. MangaliEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
S. MatthewsTeacher / Teacher4248Website
K. MayTeacher / Teacher4908Website
R. McintyreEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
P. McMahonTeacher / Teacher4589Website
M. MillmanPrincipal / Principal2881Website
R. MillsEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
C. MolloyCasual / Community Connector  
T. MorrisEducation Asst / Ea2 Youth Care Worker  
J. MorrisonTeacher / Teacher4853Website
S. MorrisonTeacher / Teacher4423 
C. MuellerEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. NaylorNon-Union / Early Numeracy Facilitator  
E. NeufeldTeacher / Teacher4854Website
K. NicholsonTeacher / Teacher5412 
S. OakesTeacher / Teacher4581Website
C. OdoemelamEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
D. ParkerEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
J. Pattern-RegierTeacher / Teacher4743Website
T. PetersEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. PowellTeacher / Teacher2883Website
L. ProzykEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. RedhuEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. ReiderCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
B. ReynoldsTeacher / Teacher4431Website
A. RossTeacher / Teacher5468 
C. RyanEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
J. SavageTeacher / Teacher5451Website
R. SimbulanCustodian / Day/Night Custodian  
A. SmithTeacher / Teacher2892Website
N. Smith-windsorTeacher / Teacher5299Website
A. SobieTeacher / Teacher5119Website
N. StecklerTeacher / Teacher4840 
L. StorozukCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
R. ToorTeacher / Teacher2885Website
D. TranCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
L. TryonTeacher / Aboriginal Lit Supp4442Website
K. WalshEducation Asst / Educational Assistant Website
S. WarkentinTeacher / Teacher4498Website
G. WilsonTeacher / Teacher5360 
C. ZajacTeacher / Teacher5260Website
C. ZawadowskiTeacher / Teacher4515