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École Springfield Heights School
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Welcome to Our School Library

Welcome to the library and to our program of information literacy. We believe every student should have the skills necessary to navigate in today's information-rich society. Determining information needs, recognizing and selecting appropriate resources—whether print or online—and managing the information are fundamental skills needed for successful academic research.


Dinah Guillou (Teacher Librarian)
Vicky Klassen (Library Technician)

Library Hours

Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., from Monday to Friday

Lending Policies

  • Borrowing period: One school cycle
  • Number of sign-outs: Three books may be borrowed at a time (as long as due dates are met)
  • Renewals: Materials may be renewed only once
  • Overdues: If one book is overdue, the student can only can only borrow two books. If the student has two overdue books, the student may only borrow one book. If three books are overdue, no book can be borrowed.
  • Lost/damaged books: All students are reminded of their responsibility to return borrowed materials in good condition on their library day. Replacement costs for damaged books will be issued throughout the year, when the situation arises. If a lost book is found and returned, the money will be refunded. During June inventory, students with books that are still outstanding or lost will receive a letter requesting replacement costs. We appreciate the support of parents in reminding their children to return library books on time.

Program Description

Each homeroom is scheduled for library once every six-day cycle. During this class, students are introduced to a variety of literature and then spend time searching for, selecting, and signing out books.

Throughout the year, each homeroom takes part in at least one inquiry-based learning (IBL) unit that is collaboratively planned and taught by the teacher librarian and classroom teacher. The units are curriculum-based and reinforce writing, thinking, and research skills while using print and non-print resources and technology in meaningful ways. These curriculum-based projects are taught according to the inquiry-based learning model.