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RETSD Search Policy & Tree Nut/ Allergen Avoidance Policy

September 05, 2019

​Policy JIH-R – Search Procedures (sec. 1), states that:

"Annually, the school will inform parents and students of the search policy."

Please ensure that fair notice of these policies occurs at the start of the new school year. The Safe Schools Charter says: "Principal must review code of conduct and emergency response plan at least annually."

Click on the link for full details:

Administration and teachers are continually reviewing the Emergency Response Plan throughout the school year.  In addition, we conduct 10 fire drills throughout the school year, as well as two hold and secure drills and two lock down drills, as per policy.

Policy JLCG-R2 - Tree Nut/ Allergen Avoidance Policy

RETSD will make every effort to protect students with life threatening allergies from exposure to known allergens; however, no individual or organization can guarantee an allergy-free environment. In order to minimize the risk of exposure and to ensure immediate response to an emergency, the division has identified responsibilities of all students, parents and school staff to increase awareness, provide accurate information and strategies for avoidance.

Please read the policy by clicking on the link:

At Springfield Heights School, staff are diligent in ensuring our students with allergies have a safe place to come to school. Parents and guardians, thank you in advance for following the policy.