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Creation of Class Lists

May 01, 2019


In May, teachers will have release time to meet to determine class lists for the 2019-2020 school year, as they have in the past at Springfield Heights School.  Many factors go into preparing class lists. It is a complex  process and we are again seeking parental understanding and support of this process.

Classes are organized to maximize learning and teaching opportunities for students and for teachers. Teachers listen and talk to their students; have discussions with parents throughout the year and then using their professional judgement make the best possible placement decision for each child.

Staff teams strive to create classes that are diverse in character and balanced in all respects, including thought given to students' friendships that support best learning practices. The following are all considered when  determining class lists:

·   A balance of student academic needs/strengths and social functioning

·   Our knowledge of social interactions and dynamics between individual students and groups of students

·   A match with class configuration and staffing, including the allotment from our school division

·   Placement of students new to Springfield Heights School

·   Male/female ratio

 Parents can assist the class formation process by:

1. Helping their children to understand the importance of class formation, and

2. Supporting placements that have been made.

Given appropriate support at home and at school, it has been our experience that the vast majority of placements are successful. Where a placement is proving to be difficult, we ask that parents and students give it the time required for friendships to develop and comfort level to increase.  If you feel you would like  to make a request for placement for the school team to consider, based on educational rationale, please contact Mrs. Ziprick through e-mail between May 1 and/or prior to May 22, 2019.

Given the criteria used to generate class groupings, it is difficult to accommodate requests to place a particular student with another student or group of students. It is equally difficult to accommodate requests for a particular teacher.    

A deadline date is important to adhere to as once the teachers have had the conversations and have grouped students together; it is very difficult to make changes as each child in a class fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Please be aware that educational rationale will be considered seriously by the teaching team but it is in no way a guarantee of your child's placement.  It is at this time that we have to trust the team's professional judgement as they have the "big picture" perspective. 

Student placement information is provided on Friday, June 28 in the child's end of year envelope.

To assist us in planning for 2019-2020, please call the school office at 663-5078, if you have not already done so, if your son or daughter is not returning to SHS in the fall (not including those students advancing to grade 6).