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École Springfield Heights School
River East Transcona School Division
Health and Safety

Administration of Medication

School personnel are not permitted to administer non-prescription medication. Prescription drugs can be administered only with parental permission and provided the required forms have been completed. Medication must arrive in its original container, labelled with the chid's name, doctor, medication, and dosage. The appropriate forms are available at the school office. Medication must be brought to school by an adult.

Bus Evacuation

Each year, in early fall and late spring, the River East Transcona Transportation Department carries out bus evacuation drills. Patrols, along with a school bus driver, explain safety procedures and show students how to evacuate a bus in an emergency.

Bus Safety

École Springfield Heights School has bus patrols on each bus transporting students to our school. These safety monitors usher students safely on and off the bus and across the street. They also help the driver keep the noise level down so that he or she can concentrate on driving. Students at ÉSHS are given bus safety training twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Lists of students riding the bus are given to each driver. A copy is also in the office.

Communicable Diseases

Occasionally there are cases of communicable disease that occur in our school. Pediculosis (head lice), pink eye and skin infections require treatment to prevent the spread to other children.

Emergency Evacuation

École Springfield Heights School has an emergency evacuation plan in case of fire or some other event that would necessitate evacuation. These procedures are practised with students to ensure a safe and efficient exit from the school. In the event that it is impossible to re-enter the school, short-term emergency evacuation sites have been organized. In the event that it is unsafe to re-enter the school, students and staff will be evacuated to:

North Kildonan Community Club, 1144 Kingsford Place, Phone:  663-5028
Alternate site:   Princess Margaret School, 367 Hawthorne Avenue, Phone: 663-5073

The decision to evacuate to these sites will be made depending on conditions existing at the time.

Fire Drills / Lockdown Drills

Fire department regulations state that all schools must hold 10 fire drills per school year. These drills are taken very seriously and all students are trained to exit the school as though there was an emergency.  The River East Transcona School Division requires that all schools practice two lockdown drills per year.


Should a child become ill or injured in school, we will place a call to the parent(s), guardian(s) or the emergency contact named on the information form that is filled out each September. An emergency contact MUST be provided. If we are unable to reach a parent or guardian and the illness or injury is serious, a member of the staff will take the child to the hospital or accompany them there by ambulance.

School Patrols

Our patrols are Grade 4 and 5 students. These students are required to demonstrate responsible, mature behaviour. The task of being a patrol requires that they assist other students under often adverse weather and traffic conditions. These students are under the direction of their teacher. They receive training from an officer from the Winnipeg Police Service.

Patrols are on duty 15 minutes before school starts in the morning and for 15 minutes at dismissal. Patrols are also on all River East Transcona School Division buses. Kindergarten patrols help students on and off the bus. We recommend that students do not come to school before patrols are on duty. Students are reminded that patrols require their utmost co-operation. Please emphasize to your children the importance of their co-operation with all patrols.

Weather Conditions and Outdoor Activities

 Extreme Cold Weather Guidelines:

When the temperature or windchill is between -25°C and -27°C a shortened recess period may be  warranted. When it is below -27°C, recess is usually moved indoors. This is at the discretion of the principal. Temperatures are used as posted at The Forks by Environment Canada.

Procedures for responding to extreme weather conditions, such as cold, lightning, hail and storms, should be included in patrol training. The following cold weather guidelines should be communicated to patrols and to the parents/guardians of patrols. During extremely cold weather, the following guidelines for an abbreviated student patrol schedule will be followed:

If the wind chill is between -27C and -34C, a patrol's time at their post is not to exceed 10 minutes.

If the wind chill is between -35C and -39C, patrols will only be at their posts for five minutes, and posts more than a five-minute walk from the school will not be patrolled.   

If the wind chill is -40C or colder. There will be no patrols on their posts

 How to Dress

• Scarves, hat, mitts, snowsuit, boots, etc.

• Do not restrict the vision of the patrol.


Environment Canada Info Line for temperature and windchill factor: Phone 983-2050 (recording, updated hourly) or