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École Springfield Heights School
River East Transcona School Division

About Us

Our School 

Springfield Heights School (SHS) is located in a quiet neighbourhood in North Kildonan but serves families from a wider area. We are a triple-track school, offering English, French Immersion, and English-Ukrainian Bilingual programs. Our Kindergarten to Grade 5 enrollment totals 509 students, 82 in English, 358 in French Immersion and 69 in the English-Ukrainian Bilingual program. Staff consists of 24 teaching staff, a principal, a 0.8  vice-principal, 2 secretaries, 3 music teachers, 2 physical education teachers, a library tech, 9 educational assistants, 2 custodians, and 3 custodial aides. Our student support service consists of 3 resource teachers (2.0 FTE) and a .50 counsellor.

Appropriate Educational Programming

The River East Transcona School Division is committed to the development of a foundation of educational best practices, supported by current research on learning and behaving. The division supports Manitoba Education's, commitment to fostering inclusion for all people. Students with and without special needs should experience school as similarly as possible. 

Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that allows every individual to feel accepted, valued and safe. An inclusive community consciously evolves to meet the changing needs of its members. Through recognition and support, an inclusive community provides meaningful involvement and equal access to the benefits of citizenship. 

In Manitoba we embrace inclusion as a means of enhancing the well being of every member of the community. By working together, we strengthen our capacity to provide the foundation for a richer future for all of us. (Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth, Philosophy of Inclusion, 2001)

The River East Transcona School Division adopts the core values and beliefs expressed by Manitoba Education:

  • All students can learn, in different ways and at different rates.
  • All students have individual abilities and needs.
  • All students want to feel they belong and are valued.
  • All students have the right to benefit from their education.
  • All students come from diverse backgrounds and want their differences to be respected.
  • Students learn in different places and locations.
  • All students have the right to appropriate educational programming.
  • The provincial curriculum should be the starting point for educational programming.
  • Parents and students must be involved in the individual education planning process.
  • The Individual Education Plan (IEP) is the basis for decision-making for students with exceptional learning needs.
  • The number of individuals involved in a student's planning will increase as the complexity of the needs increase.  

    (MECY, Standards for Student Services, 2006)

In the River East Transcona School Division student needs are addressed through a continuum of supports and services. A range of personnel, programming, and placement options is available to address the diverse needs of students.

School Priorities for 2016-2017

1. To Maintain a Respectful, Safe and Inclusive School Culture for Students and Staff

2. To Strengthen Reading and Writing Achievement and the Understanding of the Aboriginal Perspective

3. To Strengthen Mathematics Achievement