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École Springfield Heights School
River East Transcona School Division


Students at Springfield Heights School (SHS) are very actively involved in many extra-curricular clubs.  Some examples are: Music Club, Dance Club, Stamp Club, Cross-Country Run Club, Soccer League, Football Club, Jump Rope for Heart Club, Basketball / Volleyball League, Low Organized Games – Primary, Gymnastics Club, Drama Club, etc.

Field Trips

SHS believes that valuable learning can take place outside of the school building. Field trips are curriculum related and details including parent permission for individual trips will be sent home prior to each outing. When possible, transportation will be provided.


The nature of fund raising activities is carefully monitored. Door-to-door selling is not allowed. The funds are used by the school to purchase equipment and supplies or subsidize field trips to enrich school programs. Every effort is made to keep these requests for funds reasonable. The SHS Parent Council also supports our programs with its fund raising activities.

Kiwanis K-Kids

Our Kiwanis K-Kids club plays an integral role in developing activities to support our mission statement, particularly as it relates to “fostering and celebrating the potential of the whole child, in a safe, diverse and respectful community of lifelong learners.”  Their participation in school student leadership over the past number of years is testimony to the culture of caring at SHS. A wide variety of charitable drives are organized by K-Kids, which consists of many excited Grade 5 students.

Safety Patrols

Each year SHS establishes and operates a safety patrol program to enhance the protection of children from traffic accidents. Children attending SHS are crossed by safety patrols at busy corners at the following times: 8:40 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 12:35 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Each patrol will be at their post for 10 minutes.

Patrols also supervise the kindergarten entrance area at the front of the school. In addition, patrols provide assistance on school buses. Please emphasize to your children the importance of their co-operation with all patrols. Grades 4, and 5 students who are selected for the safety patrol team are instructed and directed about the performance of their duties as patrols.


SHS has been designated by MECY as a School–in–Motion school. The goal is for an increased level of understanding by students of their own fitness goals and how to achieve them. Increased physical activity will promote this goal.

Student Leadership Teams

SHS recognizes the value of student leadership and provides programs, which promote social responsibility and citizenship. Some examples of leadership teams are: safety patrols, conflict mediators, playground equipment monitors, recycling team, milk monitors and lunch monitors.  In 2001, SHS established a Kiwanis Kids Club, an organization which provides an opportunity for its members to develop self-esteem, leadership skills and respect for others. Activities are planned throughout the school year to reward leadership team members.


Volunteers are welcomed at SHS. Classroom support, field trip supervision, school event supervision are three of the ways parents can help at the school.