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Sherwood School
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Our Kindergarten students attend school for full days on days 2, 4 and 6 on the school day cycle.  We believe that full day Kindergarten gives our children the opportunity to develop strong beginnings to their learning journey. The students are included in all school-wide activities including recesses, the lunch program and school assemblies.


We have an interesting and enjoyable music program for the students from K-5. In addition to the regular curriculum, the children in Grades 1-5 have the opportunity to perform  in concert choir and all students perform in  our December concert. Students at Sherwood School have music two times a cycle, Grade 1-5 students also have one choir class per cycle. Students in Grades 4 and 5 will learn the recorder as part of their regular music class.  All students will have the opportunity to explore a number of musical instruments including the Djembe drums. The programming for music follows the most recent arts curriculum.

Physical Education

Students at Sherwood School participate in Physical Education classes during the school cycle.  Kindergarten students have two classes of movement/physical education and Grades 1-5 have four periods of Physical Education throughout the school day cycle.  Students in Grades 3-5 are required to change for physical education classes.  The regular program is supported by a strong intramural program which fosters lifelong physical activity.

 Early Numeracy Intervention Program

The goal of the early numeracy intervention program is to increase Kindergarten and Grade one students' understanding of number sense. The classroom teachers will conduct an assessment of all Kindergarten and Grade one students from late September to early October. Once the data is collected it will be shared with the facilitator and together with the ​resource​ teacher they will create a plan that will support student learning in Math. Students  will be re-assessed throughout the year and the final results will be shared with the next year’s teacher to facilitate program planning.

 Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery™ is a short-term intervention program provided to Grade one students who are most at-risk for not learning to read. Students selected are taught individually for one-half hour daily for a period of approximately 15-20 weeks.


The resource team supports the work of the classroom teacher by assisting with  program planning and implementation for students with diverse needs. The resource teacher works in collaboration with school staff, divisional support staff, students, and parents to ensure that appropriate programming is in place for student success.