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EAL Class to Law Courts

November 04, 2019

Dalnavert House.jpg

Mrs. Stepaniuk's EAL class traveled to the Law Courts Building on November 1 where the students observed a trial as well as a sentencing. An opportunity was available to speak to the judge, Crown attorney and defense lawyer. The students had just wrapped up their study of the novel, Monster, which is a third-person screenplay about a teenager who awaits his trial for murder.

The afternoon was spent at Dalnavert House, home of lawyer and politician, Sir Hugh John Macdonald, son of Canada's first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald.  The house was set for mourning with a coffin in the parlour, black fabric draped over the mirrors and all the clocks stopped at the time of death of the family's 20-yr-old son, Jack who died in 1905. The students were transported back in time to the 19th century, visiting each room of the small Victorian mansion.