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School Climate

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is, "Working together today, preparing the citizens of tomorrow."  At Radisson School we are all "Glad to be Rad" and every day we work together "to Share, to Care and to Play Fair."


One of our school goals is to create a safe, caring, socially responsible learning community at Radisson. All staff work very hard at reinforcing social values in and between our students….like respect, kindness, empathy, self-control, fairness and tolerance.  Our goal is that our students would have a deep understanding of these morals and be strong enough, in themselves, to have a positive effect on others.

It is our belief that all students have a right to learn in a safe environment.  To this end, Radisson’s focus in regards to making a positive change in the management of student behavior is school wide.  At all levels, students have clear expectations.  They are taught what appropriate behaviour looks like and sounds like.  In addition, there are consistent consequences for inappropriate behaviors. 

 Radisson School Rules

 1. Keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourself.

 2. Help and support others.

 3. Respect your belongings and the belongings of others.

 4. Listen to all staff the first time.

Download our School Rules poster.