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We are committed to open, honest, and helpful communication with the parents of our students. Our teachers welcome your calls and visits to discuss any successes, problems or difficulties your child/children may be having.  At the same time, we will contact you if we have concerns or celebrations.  Feel free to phone the school to leave a message for the teacher to call you.  If further assistance is required, please contact the principal.

Report cards are sent home in November, March and June. For the first and second reporting periods, time is set aside for parent/student/teacher conferences.

You will receive a monthly newsletter from the school. It will include important information about the school and community. The Radisson School calendar will let parents know the days school will be closed as well as other important events. It will be updated, in the newsletter, as the year progresses. Please check it carefully and keep it handy. Newsletters will be sent home with the oldest child in each family and will be posted on our website. Radissonโ€™s school website provides an addition opportunity to provide families with information. We invite you to visit it regularly.