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Robert Andrews Middle School
River East Transcona School Division

Student Services

Robert Andrews School has a student Guidance Counsellor and a Resource Teacher to assist students and their families. 

Students and/or parents are invited to contact the Counsellor or Resource Teacher directly to discuss student progress as well as any problems that may arise.

Guidance Counselling Services

Our school Guidance Counsellor is someone who is willing to help both students and parents.  The Guidance Counsellor helps in a variety of ways.

Scheduling and Transitions   

The Guidance Counsellor assists Grade 8 students with decisions regarding high school options, programs and individual course selections.  Tours to River East, Kildonan East, and Miles Macdonell are scheduled in February and students are informed of their options and individual meetings are organized to help students register.  Additionally, connections to staff and the building are made for some students prior to starting Robert Andrews to ensure that the transition to a new school is successful. 

Small Groups

With insight from teachers and administration, the Guidance Counsellor organizes and facilitates discussions and activities that focus on specific social skills or address emotional needs of students in a small group setting.

Individual Counselling

A student may be having a hard time transitioning to Robert Andrews, establishing a positive relationship with a teacher, navigating a difficult friendship or having a hard time managing stress.  Any of these situations may warrant a chat with the Guidance Counsellor.


The Guidance Counsellor at Robert Andrews has contacts beyond the school community.  Some families and students benefit from additional support and guidance beyond the supports of RETSD.  Based on the individual needs of the student or family, the Guidance Counsellor can facilitate or direct students and families to various professionals in the community.

These are just some of the ways that the Guidance Counsellor at Robert Andrews can help students and families.  Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for assistance.

Dana Sands                                                                    
Guidance Counsellor
Direct Line 204-661-4200 ext. 3312
Robert Andrews 204-661-5838

Resource/Inclusive Education Services

Our school Resource Teacher works to support all students, staff and families of Robert Andrews School. 


The Resource Teacher supports parents in transitioning their children into middle years from the elementary school and also when their child leaves middle years to go into high school. This relationship is vital in supporting parents through the three years their children are at Robert Andrews School. The Resource Teacher acts as a support, advocate and is able to share information to help parents in the decision making process.

Student Specific Plans          

The Resource Teacher supports classroom teachers with the planning process and implementation of Student Specific Plans.  All students are diverse in their learning and social/emotional needs. Many students at Robert Andrews School receive various supports through having their program adapted or modified. These adjustments ensure that all students’ are given the opportunity and support to reach their personal potential. The Resource Teacher collaborates with the classroom teachers as well as various specialists in order to ensure that students have their learning, social emotional and developmental needs met.  The Resource Teacher also revises programming as students rapidly continue to grow, change and develop while in middle years.

Coordinating Services 

The Resource Teacher accesses and coordinates the services from the Divisional Student Services personnel where necessary and funnels the necessary expertise into the day to day life of the students. The Divisional Team includes; a Reading Clinician, Social Worker, Speech & Language Pathologist, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, and Physio-therapist.


Robert Andrews School has various school based programs (Reading Program, Community Referenced Instruction, and the Friendship Room). These programs are designed to support students who require significant remedial supports. The Resource Teacher also ensures that students with unique needs have the materials and resources they require to participate in the classroom with their peers. The Resource Teacher trains (1:1 as well as runs workshops) for pertinent staff in the implementation of all programming to ensure that student needs are met on an ongoing basis.

Feel free to contact the Resource Teacher at Robert Andrews School if you have any questions or concerns.

Lori Hunter
Resource Teacher
Direct Line 204-661-4200 ext.3313
Robert Andrews 204-661-5838