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Robert Andrews School
River East Transcona School Division

Robert Andrews Physical Education Program 

The physical education curriculum at Robert Andrews aims to provide students with a balanced program in which students develop knowledge, attitude and skills to help them lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Curricular Component - The content is based around the following general learning outcomes. (GLO’s) – Movement, Fitness management, Safety, Personal and social development, Healthy lifestyle practises

Students will receive instruction in individual sports/games, team sports/games, alternative pursuits and fitness activities.

The focus on healthy lifestyles is:

Gr.6 – healthy active lifestyles, personal and social management, stress and nutrition
Gr.7 – personal safety, personal and social management, fitness management, drug use and abuse and human sexuality
Gr.8 – healthy active lifestyles, personal and social management, fitness management, stress and body weight and body image


Intramural Component  This part of the program offers traditional and non-traditional lunch hour activities which are open to all students. When we are between activities the gym is open for students to participate in free gym time.

Interscholastic Component  This component allows students to further develop their athletic skills in a more competitive setting as they contend against athletes from the other middle schools in RETSD and around the city. The sports offered are x-country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton, team handball and track and field.