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Robert Andrews Middle School
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Staff Directory

​To leave a message for a staff member, call 204.661.4200, enter the teacher's extension number found below, and record your message or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
E. AllecTeacher / Sub Teacher / Teacher4478Website
B. BeilmanTeacher / Teacher5267Website
J. BenevidesEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
P. BesterCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
K. CzochClerk / Clc Head Secretary3301 
P. DouglasTeacher / Teacher4130Website
C. DuffieldTeacher / Teacher5134Website
R. FallerCustodian / Head Custodian 2  
R. FloresCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
M. GanskeCasual / Teacher Candidate  
B. GarnEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
P. GoughClerk / Clerk Casual / Secretary3302 
D. GruenerEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
E. HodgeTeacher / Teacher3311Website
C. HrabiTeacher / Teacher4507Website
L. HunterTeacher / Teacher3313Website
L. HuttonLibrary Tech / Library Tech  
J. JohannsonTeacher / Teacher3312Website
J. KendallTeacher / Teacher4863Website
J. KlassenTeacher / Teacher4970Website
E. KohlerEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
S. LysackPrincipal / Principal3306Website
S. MerrittCasual / Teacher Candidate  
B. MolinskiTeacher / Sub Teacher / Teacher4921Website
K. MundleTeacher / Teacher4962Website
J. NavitkaTeacher / Sub Teacher / Teacher4994Website
M. OparCustodian / Custodian  
M. PageEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
I. PavlicCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
D. RogaskyEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
L. SavinkoffTeacher / Teacher4281Website
J. SinnockTeacher / Teacher4439Website
J. SorokoTeacher / Teacher4751Website
L. StachniakVice-Principal / Teacher / Vice-Principal3305 
C. TauberTeacher / Teacher4800Website
T. TaylorTeacher / Teacher5351Website
C. VergieCasual / Teacher Candidate  
S. Yea-ContrerasTeacher / Sub Teacher / Teacher4739Website