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Polson School
River East Transcona School Division

School Climate

Student Responsibilities

At Polson School certain behaviors are expected and taught.  We expect all students to follow three basic guidelines:

  1. Hands, feet and unkind words to self
  2. Follow all staff direction first time given
  3. Be on time and come ready to learn

Code of Conduct

Polson School follows the River East Transcona School Division Code of Conduct. A copy of the code of conduct is available in the office.

Agenda Books

All grades 3 – 6 students have an agenda book to record homework or other important information. Please check your child’s agenda book daily and feel free to write information back to the school.


Citizenship is important at Polson School.  Everyone is expected to treat others with respect. All students participate in social responsibility lessons, discussions and activities to learn about things such as empathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness. Students are recognized for positive behaviour.

Village System

The "village" system at Polson School is a system of extracurricular activities to encourage positive student involvement in school life and create a culture based on fair play. All students in the school are placed in one of four “villages” (distinguished by color). The village names are:

Great Grey Wolves           Teal Seals         Purple Piranhas                 Yellow Lightning Bolts     

As students participate in extracurricular activities they have fun, develop skills and earn points for themselves and their village.  A village assembly is held monthly to celebrate participation in school activities, good sportsmanship and “Polson Pride” recognition. Families are always welcome to attend these assemblies.


Students who do not finish their assigned work in class may be asked to take the work home to complete the assignment. Homework assignments are recorded in the agenda book.  Please encourage your child to keep work up-to-date, and to put good effort into daily school activities. We also encourage children to do extra reading daily. 

Electronic Communication Devices

Student use of cell phones and other electronic communication devices is not permitted in the school or on school property unless directed by the teacher/school. This applies to recesses, classes and lunch hour. It is expected that communication during the school day will occur through the school office - NO EXCEPTIONS.