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Princess Margaret School
River East Transcona School Division
Student Services

Resource/Special Education

Our school has two full time resource teachers. These teachers organize the extra help and services that many of our students need. Referrals to the Resource/Special Education Program can be made by teachers, parents or the children themselves.


A counselling program promotes academic success by assisting the student to solve the problems that are interfering with his/her ability to learn. Consultation with teachers and parents may be a part of this process. The counsellor is available every day. Referrals may be made by parents, teachers or students.
A School Counsellor is a teacher who has received specialized training in guidance and counselling to assist students.
Counsels Students…

• individually and in groups about their concerns 
• to understand themselves and others 
• in decision making and problem solving skills 
• in their future planning 
• to enhance their self esteem 
• to help them resolve conflicts with peers and adults

• with parents, paraprofessionals, teachers, administrators and support services about a student's behaviour, attendance, academic progress, personal and social development.

• resources to meet student needs 
• school wide guidance programs 
• referrals to school and community agencies 
• interaction between community and school

Home Reading Program

The Home Reading Program is a literacy outreach program which encourages parents to share reading experiences with their child or children. Children are encouraged to take books home and parents are encouraged to communicate back to the school about the reading experience.