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Princess Margaret School
River East Transcona School Division
Staff Directory

​For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
D. BabuikClerk / Clc Head Secretary3152 
K. BalzerTeacher / Teacher4299Website
K. BergenTeacher / Teacher4884Website
M. BradshawTeacher / Teacher4797Website
M. CalculliEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
D. ClairmontHead Custodian / Head Custodian 1  
A. CrundwellCustodian / Day/Night Custodian  
H. DawertTeacher / Teacher3158Website
D. DelarondeTeacher / Teacher4530Website
A. ForhanTeacher / Teacher4315Website
R. GiesbrechtTeacher / Teacher4145Website
S. GrynolEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
M. KaatzTeacher / Teacher3165Website
L. KahlerLibrary Tech / Library Tech  
S. KauffmannTeacher / Teacher4268Website
Z. KinnearTeacher / Teacher4532Website
I. KlassenEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
B. Knudsen-WoodmanTeacher / Teacher4307Website
I. Koenecke-PennerTeacher / Teacher4157Website
R. KomyshynEducation Asst / Educational Assistant Website
S. KosteckiPrincipal / Principal3155Website
T. KrebsEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
R. KukaEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
A. LobresCustodian / Day/Night Custodian  
H. MazurEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
K. MirwaldtTeacher / Teacher4104Website
S. MorrisonTeacher / Teacher4423 
M. MuellerTeacher / Teacher4425Website
C. PankratzTeacher / Teacher4349Website
C. PennerClerk / Secretary3153 
M. PennerTeacher / Teacher4965Website
F. ReevesVice-Principal / Teacher / Vice-Principal3154Website
K. RegierTeacher / Teacher5327Website
M. SchriemerEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
R. ScottEducation Asst / Educational Assistant Website
W. SerbinTeacher / Teacher4205Website
S. ShielsTeacher / Teacher5039Website
C. SokoloffTeacher / Teacher3157Website
D. TophamEducation Asst / Educational Assistant  
S. TophamCustodial Aide / Custodial Aide  
S. UzatTeacher / Teacher4599Website
A. WallTeacher / Teacher4397Website