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Online Courses

Blackboard Information for RETSD Teachers

Previewing a Web-based Course

Any person, teacher, student or parent, may preview Manitoba Education Citizenship and Youth's (MECY) web-based courses. There are currently 41 courses, including two in French, available for previewing.  To preview a course you need to go to the and choose the "preview as guest" option.

Using a Web-based Course as a Resource

Previewing a course allows the user to view the course content. Assignments, tests and many other features are only available if the teacher acquires a WebCT account. This account is free to all Manitoba teachers. MECY will verify that you are a certified teacher upon which you will have access to all other features, including the enrollment of students, if you wish.

Create a Profile

Before teachers can begin to use one of the MECY developed web courses they must create a user profile on the Web-based Course Request System. Once a teacher's application has been verified, a user name (your e-mail address) and password will be sent via email.

Add a Course

With this profile teachers can request any of the 40+ courses to be added to their MECY WebCT account and use them with distance learners, face-to-face class, or as a teacher resource only. Adding a course to a users profile takes anywhere from one to two days. You will be able to access the course once the status has changed from "Pending" to "In WebCT".

Add a Student

Once the status of the course is "In WebCT", the teacher may add students to his/her online class. Before adding students make sure that you have the following information for each student that is to be added:

  • Administrator's full name (usually the principal of the student's school)
  • Administrator's e-mail address
  • Student's first and last names (a WebCT username is automatically created from these)
  • Student's MET number

Adding a student to an online class takes anywhere from one to two days. Students will be able to access the course once the status has changed from "Pending" to "In WebCT". The administrator for each student will be notified (by e-mail) once the addition is complete.


To learn the fundamentals of building a course in the Blackboard Learning System, see the Design Basics tutorial.

Useful links for Teachers

Web 2.0 Tools

Wiki - A wiki is a website that allows visitors to contribute to an online community by creating or editing webpages. and are two wiki providers that offer special incentives to teachers.

Blog - A blog (web log) is a website that allows the owner to add journal type entries in reverse chronological order. Visitors to the site can interact with the author by leaving comments. and blog.comare two blog providers, the second one allows for other languages.

RSS - RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, wikis, news feeds or podcasts.


WebCT and Blackboard merged February 2006. Although links and references to WebCT still exist in many places on the Internet, all current information related to WebCT is now found on Blackboard's site. The following links may be useful in getting help with WebCT-Blackboard issues. - a gateway to all things WebCT.

Ask Dr. C - a question-and-answer service moderated by an expert group of trainers, instructional designers, administrators, project managers, support specialists and developers.