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École Neil Campbell School
River East Transcona School Division

Course Information


Neil Campbell has two networked comptuer labs as well as stand-alone computers available for each classroom.

The technology continuum at Neil Campbell is divided into two learning stages:
Exploratory State: students are expected to have a general exposure to, and experience with, a variety of information technologies as learning tools.

Skill Development State: students are expected to acquire specific information technology skills and knowledge in the context of core subject areas.


Music is about communication, creativity and co-operation. Every student receives 2 - 3 general classes per cycle. There are grade level choirs in grades 1 to 4 and an optional music club for grades 5 and 6. Choral work, Kodaly and Orff are integral parts of the program.


Students visit the library for book exchange and library classes in topics such as:

Research skills, information technology, author/illustrator studies, literary games, literature appreciation, and current events.

Physical Education

The PE/HE foundtion for Implementation and Safety Guidelines Document are used to provide a basis for the Physical Education program. The documents facilitate children learning through the importance of safe and fair play, (social responsibility), knowledge and demonstrations of movement skills, fitness, and healthy and active lifestyles.

Intramurals and extra-curricular activities offer a wide variety of activities, which are provided on a weekly basis creating an exciting, active and positive environment at Neil Campbell School. These programs are highlighted by special events such as the Tumbling Rally, Turkey Trot, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling Tournaments and the Folk Dance Festival.

Extra Curricular / Intramural Activities

Special clubs are offered to different grades at various times during the year. They take place before or after school, at lunch or during recesses. Activities are offered by staff as well as the Phys Ed Department.

Basic French

The basic French program provides instruction in the French language for students in grades 4, 5 and 6 English program.

Field Trips

Field trips are arranged to support curricular goals and as celebrations for special occasions.