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École Neil Campbell School
River East Transcona School Division


School Rules

Be safe
Be respectful
Be responsible

School Hours

8:55 - 9:05       Opening Exercises
9:05                  Classes Begin
10:19 - 10:34    A.M. Recess
11:48 - 12:48    Lunch
12:48                 classes begin
2:02 - 2:17        P.M. Recess
3:30                   Dismissal

If students are late they must come in through the front doors and report to the office staff. Our office staff will phone parents of students who do not have an excused absence.  In order to report a student absence, simply call the school's main phone line anytime between 4:30 pm and 8:30 am to access a directory with two options.  Select "1" to leave a message.

Playground Supervision

Our staff is on duty from 8:45 to 8:55, as well as at both recesses.

Bus Cancellation/School Closing

If for any reason the River East Transcona School Division cancels school bus service or closes the schools, the announcement is made via our website, the divisional website and public radio.

School Patrols

Patrols are on duty at crossing points approximately 10 minutes before school, at lunchtime and at dismissal. We expect all patrols to be at their posts on time and wearing their special vests. School patrols are student volunteers.

Callback System

If, for any reason you know that your child will be away from school please call before 9:00 a.m. Should your child not arrive at school and you have not called, we will call you.

Confidential Personal History Form

Each school year we request that all students fill in an updated Confidential Personal History form. It is extremely important for the school to have current phone numbers, addresses, names of parents and names of alternate contact person(s) in case of an emergency. If any of this information changes during the year, please inform us immediately.

Accident Procedure

In case of an accident, we proceed as follows:
Minor cuts or abrasions: treated by staff (ie: ice for bumps, band-aids for scrapes, etc)
Serious accidents: Parents or emergency contacts are immediately called to have the child picked up. In an emergency we may take the child to the nearest hospital, or call an ambulance.

Personal Telephone Messages

We are trying to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum. Please inform your child(ren) ahead of time of daily arrangemens regarding where they are to go after school, etc., and use phone messages only in case of an unexpected change of plans.

Fire Drills/Bus Evacuation

Each school year we hold ten fire drills at different times. We also have two divisional school bus evacuation drills. 

School Visitors

To ensure the safety of our students, parents, volunteers and visitors must report to the office. Visitors sign in and out and are asked to wear a visitors tag. Most entrances to our school are locked during school hours as part of our safety program. 

Dropping off/Picking up Students

Do not drop off or pick up your child(ren) in front of the school. This is marked as a non-stop area and violation often leads to traffic tickets. It is also a high-traffic area and dangerous for your child to cross. We suggest you drop off or pick up your child(ren) on Linden Avenue between Golspie Avenue and Raleigh Street. 

Communicable Diseases

Occasionally we find that cases of communicable diseases occur in our school (eg: head lice, pink eye, scabies and other skin infections). Should your child experience such a problem, we ask you to notify the school and keep your child at home, until either your family doctor of the Public Health Nurse has indicated that it is safe to return. Should we discover such a case, we will notify you and the Public Health Nurse. 

Dispensing of Mediations/ Medical Concerns

Schools can no longer dispense any medications unless a Divisional form has been filled out and prescriptions are labeled for school use. Should you require more information, inquire at the office. Parents are asked to let us know about any special medical concerns, problems, or medical procedures that students may have.


There are students who have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts/peanut products. We request that no peanut products be brought to school. This includes peanut butter, as well as cookies, cakes and any other items that may contain peanuts. 

Personal Property

We encourage our students not to bring valuable items to school such as electronics, cameras and jewelry. Bicyles are most susceptible to theft. There is no security for them and bringing them to school is definiely not advisable. 

Parent Volunteers

Volunteers are a welcome and necessary part of our operation. If you are interested in volunteering at the school please call our school office. 

Parent Advisory Committee

Neil Campbell has a voluntary Parent Advisory Committee that meets monthly with staff and administration. This committee is open to all parents of students in our school. We meet to discuss school and community issues, policies and plans. Our parent committee supports school projects through fundraisers. Meeting dates are published in our school bulletins. 

Milk Program

Milk cards are sold for $20.00. These cards will be punched daily for 23 milks consumed. 

Hot Lunch

Our Parent Advisory Committee volunteers to provide students with an opportunity to have a hot lunch. Students who do not wish to order a hot lunch may bring their regular lunch on these days.


The school has one major fundraising activity annually. The funds raised from this program are used to purchase major supplies, such as computers, music equipment, gym equipment, etc. They are also used to subsidize school outings, bus travel costs or the costs of performers who entertain at school. All funds are used for activities or supplies that enhance our students' programs. 

Open Communication

Neil Campbell School and its staff are here to work with you and your children to ensure that we provide your child with the best possible educational opportunities. Grade 1 to 5 students use a daily agenda for communication. We look forward to discussing your child's progress with you during student-assisted conferences in November and March, and parents are encouraged to call teachers at any time if they have concerns, questions or information. 

Phone Numbers

Neil Campbell School: 204-661-2848 (office) 204-668-9291 (fax) 
RETSD Board Office: 204-667-7130
RETSD Transportation Office: 204-669-0202
Public Health Nurse: 204-938-5318