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Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
River East Transcona School Division

Student Support Services



Students have the right to speak to a counsellor in confidence, unless there is a reason to believe the student may harm himself/herself or someone else, or if it is ordered by the courts to release information. Counsellors are required by law to report any incidents of abuse or suspected abuse.

 Students/parents can access the following counselling services:

Students are assigned a Counsellor when they come into Murdoch in Grade 9.

· Personal counselling
· Academic counselling:

-  Course selection(s)
-  Entrance requirements for post-secondary institutions
-  Support for obstacles that may be preventing school success
-  Alternate school placements

· Career counselling
· Referrals to outside agencies
· Job and volunteer opportunities
· Award/financial information for post-secondary training


Resource teachers support all students through collaboratively planning with the classroom teacher to provide appropriate programming.  This includes adaptations, modifications and individualized programming.  Resource teachers liaise with clinicians and outside agencies to transition students to post-secondary and/or the community.