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Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
River East Transcona School Division

​Staff Directory

For direct access to staff call 204-661-4200 or email here. Call the school office to report a student absence.

NameJob TitlePhoneWebsite
S. AndersonCustodian  
C. BakkeTeacher4523Website
J. BartonTeacher5348 
S. BeaudinTeacher4648Website
S. BellTeacher Website
M. BellmoreEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
H. Blahey-HasayTeacher5371 
J. BlazekTeacher4649Website
B. BogenEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
C. BolaCustodial Aide  
A. BomhoffEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant Website
P. BoozEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. BroomeEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
L. BrownCustodial Aide  
C. BurkeCASUAL / AFM Community Worker  
J. CalverTeacher2731Website
K. CampanellaTeacher4213 
B. CampbellTeacher5090Website
M. CarevicEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant Website
L. CarvelliTeacher4905Website
K. CassidyCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
M. ChanTeacher4310 
M. CheckEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
T. CoatesCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
J. deBoerTeacher5087Website
K. DixonTeacher5510 
C. DoyleTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher5018 
K. DudekTeacher4327Website
J. DuesterhoeftCLERK / Secretary2742 
J. FilTeacher4977Website
M. FleuryEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
K. FlightCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
E. GoolcharanSCHOOL SUPPORT / CASUAL / Safety and Security Monitor  
C. GrafenauerTeacher4985Website
R. GrehanTeacher4516Website
M. GrossEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
V. HarmsTeacher4765Website
K. HeisingerTeacher2720Website
J. HennesseyCASUAL / AFM Community Worker  
D. HiebertTeacher4489Website
D. HillaryCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
G. HoorneTeacher5084Website
S. IrvingTeacher4901Website
D. JansenTeacher4309Website
B. JohnsonTeacher4517Website
J. Johnson-WeightCLERK / Secretary2705 
S. KalkatEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
P. KindenTeacher4728 
Z. KostetskyCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
L. KostiwCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
S. KuzykEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
T. LangeTeacher5047Website
K. LinkTeacher4217 
S. MacPhailTeacher2737Website
K. Mann-SimpsonTeacher2732Website
B. MartinCustodial Aide  
S. MatherEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
A. MautheTeacher5421 
S. MawEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. McDonaldTeacher4422 
S. MelnykEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
G. MiklovicTeacher4430Website
C. MorganCLERK / Secretary2706 
T. MorleyTeacher5144Website
K. MoroskiTeacher4725Website
S. NeuendorffTeacher4655Website
J. OllsonTeacher4551 
K. OzukEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
J. PemkowskiLibrary Tech  
M. PetermanEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
E. PieczonkaTeacher4934Website
M. PolyakovaCustodial Aide  
R. RairieCustodian  
T. RayCLERK / CLD Head Secretary2704 
J. Reid HodgertTeacher Website
A. RodriguesCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
D. SalichukTeacher4635 
D. SavoieTeacher4659Website
N. SchroederVICE-PRINCIPAL / Vice Principal 22708Website
A. ScottCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
K. ScottEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
A. ShymkoTeacher2721 
J. SidhuTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher5134 
J. SigurdsonTeacher2715Website
D. SimpsonTeacher4432Website
H. SoloTeacher Website
M. StedmonCustodian  
R. StollerEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
B. StraubPrincipal2702Website
B. StreetTeacher4708Website
S. Sturby-HighfieldTEACHER / SUB TEACHER / Teacher5388 
H. ThompsonTeacher4989Website
T. Tilston-JonesTeacher4664Website
H. ToewsEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
S. TurnerEDUCATION ASST / EA2 Youth Care Worker  
M. UrsoEDUCATION ASST / Educational Assistant  
D. WagnerCustodial Aide  
R. WalcTeacher4662Website
K. WalpoleCUSTODIAN / Head Custodian 4  
L. WebsterTeacher4196Website
A. WestwoodTeacher5112Website
D. YangCASUAL / Teacher Candidate  
J. Yvon-MoreauTeacher2733Website
J. ZoppaVICE-PRINCIPAL / Vice Principal 12709Website