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École Munroe Middle School
River East Transcona School Division

French Immersion - Early and Late Options

École Munroe is a dual track school. We provide French language instruction in two ways; Early French Immersion to those students from our FI catchment area and Late Entry French Immersion for students who are entering Grade 6 from across  RETSD seeking this second entry opportunity to French language learning before high school

The Late French Immersion Program at the Grade 6 entry level is designed to give students the opportunity to learn a second language in a stimulating and challenging learning environment. During the first six weeks of the program, emphasis is placed on themes related to each of the subject areas. This gives the students time to adjust to the new language as well as acquire basic vocabulary and expressions.

After this initial six week period, students begin the study of subject matter.  In French they are taught:

  1. French language arts - français
  2. Mathematics - mathématiques
  3. Science - sciences de la nature
  4. Social studies - sciences humaines 

Subjects taught in English are:

  1. English Language Arts
  2. Art or band
  3. Home Economics & Applied Arts
  4. Physical education & health

École Munroe Middle School is the only school in Manitoba offering late entry French Immersion starting in grade 6. Students who decide to pursue the late FI option begin their grade 6 year with an intensive 5-6 weeks of French language instruction. The emphasis is on learning strategies that reinforce second language learning and on French vocabulary and expressions which are taught in thematic units in each of the core subjects.

After 5-6 weeks of intensive language instruction and acquisition, teachers begin teaching the core subjects in a FI setting. All materials and work are in French. Traditionally students begin their grade 6 year feeling a little overwhelmed, but with time, hard work and fun learning activities, they start to feel more comfortable and make sense of the material. By January our students settle into the routine and adapt very well to our French learning environment. By  time these students blend together and join the immersion stream of students our experience and work with the FI feeder high school determines that our students are as successful as those who have entered the FI program in Kindergarten.

Students who feel successful in our late entry FI program are students who possess the following attributes:

  • A strong desire or predisposition for language learning, including strong English skills or knowledge of another language
  • Strong study skills and work habits
  • A willingness to take risks and enjoy a challenge
  • A tolerance for change 
  • A strong interest in learning French

Why learn a second language?

  • Increased opportunities to think critically and problem solve
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased academic outcomes
  • Increased opportunities to connect with new cultures

French cultural trips

To give our students the occasion to experience the language in authentic settings, we plan several French cultural field trips throughout the year. 

Our field trips may include viewing a French film during the Cinémental Film Festival, a trip to the Festival du Voyageur, participating in the Freeze Frame Festival, attending French theatre at the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Center.​

How families can help with their child’s second language learning environment:

Our philosophy is that a student best learns a second language by consistently communicating and studying in that language. We recognize that to become bilingual, we need to practice our French language skills at every available opportunity. For our students, learning a second language requires effort and commitment. For us, helping students to develop a sound working knowledge of the French language is a priority.

Parents and teachers work as partners to encourage our students to regularly use French at every available opportunity. The expectation is that students communicate in French in class, in the hallways, during in-school and out of school activities and with all of their French Immersion teachers.

To help your child improve their French language skills you can:

  •  Share why French language learning is valuable
  •  Express your interest in the French language and French culture
  •  Visit French cultural activities such as Festival du Voyageur, The French-Canadian Pavilion at Folklorama and the St. Boniface Museum
  • Explore the French section of the public library
  • Watch French TV shows, tune into French radio stations such as Envol 91.1 FM or listen to French global music through streaming
  • Encourage them speak and read in French and celebrate their progress!