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Student Expectations


The purpose of the code of conduct is to promote a healthy school culture where high levels of achievement occur within a positive school environment.  River East Transcona School Division believes that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

 River East Transcona School Division schools, parents/guardians, students and community will promote the development of beliefs and attitudes that foster a safe and caring learning environment.  Pupils, parents/guardians and staff are to behave in a respectful manner and comply with the code of conduct.

 The entire divisional Code of Conduct can be viewed at:

 The divisional Code of Conduct serves as fair notice  that incidents of threat to self-harm or to harm others will be actively investigated.  Because of the serious nature of such incidents, the investigation will continue even if the parent/guardian cannot immediately be contacted.  Continued efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardian.



All staff at Munroe engage in proactive strategies and programs that support a respectful, inclusive school culture.  Staff and students are continuing to develop the school-wide positive behavior plan.  Student expectations in both the hallways and classroom focus on respect, responsibility, and safety and are visibly posted in the hallways and in the classrooms.  More information about ongoing activities and progress can be found on the Munroe webpage under newsletters. 



Students are expected to attend school on a regular basis. Where illness or circumstances necessitate a student absence, parents/guardians are asked to contact the school.  In the event of an unexcused absence, the secretary will contact the parent/guardian.  There is an answering machine operative during the hours when the school is not open.  Call 204- 661-4451 to leave a message.  If at all possible, parents and students are asked to make appointments for students outside of the regular school day. Parents/Guardians who are planning a trip that require their child(ren) to miss school, should contact the school in writing as soon as they know their travel arrangements.



Students are expected to develop an attitude reflecting the importance of being on time.  Students who are late must report to the office for a late slip in order to be admitted to class.  With any unexcused late, the school will take appropriate action.  This may include but is not limited to detention, in-school suspension, or restitution.



If it is necessary for a student to leave the school during regular hours, he/she must produce a note or the office must receive a phone call from a parent/guardian.    In the event that the office has not been informed, the parent/guardian will be contacted. 



School is a work environment for learning where clothing should not be a distraction for learning.  Students shall dress in a manner that is appropriate for learning and working. Parents and students are responsible for appropriate student attire. 

In keeping with the division鈥檚 objective to make all students and staff feel safe, welcome and comfortable in The River East Transcona School Division, clothing and personal items must not be decorated with images or lettering that would be offensive to students, staff or the public.  With this in mind the following dress code is in effect:

         Only clothing that covers the midriff and chest is considered appropriate.

         Clothing needs to cover the undergarments at all times and spaghetti straps are not allowed.

         Muscle shirts may be worn only with another T-shirt underneath.

In keeping with the objective to keep everyone safe and welcome at Munroe Junior High School the following is in effect:

         All headwear including hats, caps, toques, hoods up, bandanas and head scarves are to be removed while in school.

         All outerwear including coats, parkas, jackets, etc., are not to be brought to class.

         Offensive images such as inappropriate slogans, racist, sexist or demeaning pictures and/or words on clothing, handbags, backpacks, binders, etc., are not permitted.

         Wearing gang colors, meaning those signs, symbols or other representations of gangs is prohibited.

         Backpacks are to be stored in lockers during the school day. 

 School administrators have the authority to address inappropriate attire in their schools.  Students wearing inappropriate clothing may be sent home.

 This is fair notice that the school Dress Code Policy will be under review during the 2014-2015 school year. 



Students are expected to be cooperative, considerate and safety-conscious when being transported by school bus.  They are reminded that they are under the authority of the bus driver during this time and are expected to follow all rules and regulations.  Students who refuse to cooperate forfeit the privilege of riding on the bus.


The RETSD is a non-smoking division.  This means that adults and students are not allowed to smoke in the school, anywhere on school property or in the proximity of the school building itself. Students will face disciplinary action if they are in violation of this policy.


The use or possession of alcohol or illicit drugs is strictly prohibited.  If a student is found to be in possession or under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs during the school day or at any school sponsored activity, that student will be suspended from school and school activities for a minimum of 5 full days. Students will receive the same suspension if they are found to be knowingly present when alcohol or illicit drugs are being used during the school day or during a school activity or if they are in possession of paraphernalia.  Parents/guardians and the Assistant Superintendent of Middle Years will be notified.  AFM (Addictions Foundation of Manitoba) assessment and counseling will be recommended.

 Possession of alcohol or drugs with the intent to distribute or sell will be referred to the police.  The student will be suspended from school and referred to the Assistant Superintendent of Middle Years for follow up action.  AFM assessment and counseling will be mandatory.



A counsellor is available to meet with students and parents to provide assistance in the areas of personal and social development.  Counselling can be individual or in a small group.  Services are provided in a wide variety of areas including study habits, family and peer relationships, career development, goal setting and referrals to outside agencies.  The counsellor plays an important role in placement of Grade 9 students to appropriate high school programs.



A resource teacher is available to assist teachers in identifying students with academic concerns and to collaborate with teachers to develop programs and instructional strategies to address the needs of these students.  The resource teacher monitors students with special needs and coordinates paraprofessional and student intern assistance as appropriate.



Munroe Junior High School has access to the educational support services provided by the SSSU in the areas of social work, psychology, reading, speech and language, and psychiatry.  These services are provided on request and with the consent of the parent/guardian of the student referred.