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Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
River East Transcona School Division

Welcome to the CMMC Library Learning Commons and to our multiliteracy programming. Our Library Learning Commons offers students a place to engage in learning, read for pleasure, conduct research, study, and use computers, devices or other technology for school related assignments.

We believe that every student should have the skills necessary to navigate in today's information-rich society. Determining information needs, recognizing and selecting appropriate print or online resources, evaluating sources, recognizing false or misleading information and managing information are fundamental skills needed for successful academic research and life-long learning.

The LLC's goal is to provide access to a wide variety of current and appropriate information sources, and to ensure that teachers, staff, and students are efficient and effective users of information.



Mrs. N. Card, Teacher-Librarian

Mrs. S. Harris, Library Technician

Library Hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. Monday – Friday

Lending Policies

  • Materials are signed out for a 3-week period.
  • Please return or renew materials on time out of respect for the needs of other students.
  • Students can renew materials by letting LLC staff know.
  • There is no limit on the total number of items students can borrow, except there is a maximum of 3 items/subject.
  • There may be a small fee for lost or damaged materials. Please discuss with LLC staff.

CMMC's Resources

The LLC houses a selection of informational books, a large fiction collection, graphic novels, manga, quick reads and varying reading level materials, reference materials, magazines, and a variety of electronic resources. Materials are available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Staff and students also have access to a variety of online resources, including:

A "CMMC Student Resources" document listing all services and providing students with the at-home username and password credentials is available by request.

Services provided for students

The Library Technician and the Teacher-Librarian help students find, access, use and evaluate resources, as well as connect students with materials for pleasure reading. They can provide instruction and help in the use of library information, materials, and equipment.

Program Description

The Teacher-Librarian offers a program of library instruction, in collaboration with subject area teachers, where information literacy, digital literacy, media literacy and digital citizenship skills are taught in conjunction with inquiry projects. The Teacher-Librarian also assists with technology integration and Makerspace initiatives.


If you wish to recommend an addition to the CMMC collection (physical or online), please email/Teams Chat Mrs. Card at or Mrs. Harris at