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Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
River East Transcona School Division
International Education Program

Miles Macdonell Collegiate is home to 35 students from abroad who come to complete a portion of their high school studies. International students study their academic courses while improving their English skills in the Canadian school system. A large component of the program is for International students to experience the unique Winnipeg way-of-life within the greater Canadian lifestyle.

International students bring a wealth of global experience and share a unique perspective with the Miles Macdonell Collegiate Canadian students. Long term friendships between international students and Canadian students provide opportunities for Miles Macdonell students to learn about the world at large.

International students stay for anywhere from three months to three years and are able to take full academic courses with their Canadian peers. In addition, the Miles Macdonell International Education Program provides intensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for international students to improve their academic English skills. Miles Macdonell Collegiate provides a full high school education for international students as many of our international student graduates continue their academic studies at Canadian universities.