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English Language Arts (ELA) is a rich and rewarding study in itself. Since language is central to all learning, English is one of the most important courses studied in high school. High school English courses teach students to use language as a means of understanding themselves and the world around them. Courses focus on the development of thinking, reading, speaking, writing and listening skills and aim at an appreciation of all types of expressed thought.

Literary analysis and transactional analysis occupy the two ends of the language arts continuum. Literary Language is used for creative and imaginative purposes, while Transactional Language represents the practical and utilitarian for the purpose of explanation, instruction, persuasion and argument.

Language Arts courses are divided between these two general areas.

In Grade 10 all ELA courses are Foundation courses which develop both approaches equally.

In Grade 11 students choose between taking a Literary or Transactional Course. (Some students may choose to take both ELA courses.)

In Grade 12 all students in the regular stream will take a Comprehensive Course which is divided equally between a Literary and Transactional Focus.

The Elective option for a second semester English course is either a Literary or Transactional elective.  Many students who are considering university should do both the Comprehensive Course as well an elective option.

The English Language Arts International Baccalaureate courses cover all essential aspects of the regular English program with an enhanced World Literature component and a stronger literary focus. At the end of the Grade 12 year students will write an international exam, do an oral exam and put together a portfolio of written work. Many students who take this course will earn a university credit for their effort.

LOTE (Languages other than English)

The LOTE department offers the following:  French Immersion, Basic French, Spanish and Japanese. The department offers a World Language diploma and certificate. A World Language Diploma is for students who complete the Grade 12 courses with three languages including English and the Grade 11 requirements in a fourth language.  A World Language Certificate is for students who complete Grade 12 in English and two other languages at the Grade 12 level.

Spanish and Japanese

This program is designed for students that have never taken Spanish or Japanese before. Students will learn to speak, read and comprehend Spanish or Japanese through various activities. They will gain understanding of Spanish or Japanese culture. This program is open to students in grade 10, 11 and 12. This course is not intended for native Spanish or Japanese speakers.

Spanish International Baccalaureate (IB) and Japanese IB

These courses are designed to fulfill the language component of the International Baccalaureate Program. It is developed for students who do not have previous knowledge of Spanish or Japanese. Activities throughout the program help students to communicate in an authentic and meaningful way. In their Grade 12 year students will be given the opportunity to take the IB exams.

Basic French 20G

Through the study of various themes, this course seeks to develop the four main competencies of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  French 20G builds upon the middle years competencies in each of these areas. Elements of French culture will also be integrated throughout the program of study.

Basic French 30S (Prerequisite: French 20G)

This course builds upon all aspects of the foundation level of 20G. Students will continue to progress along the continuum with respect to each of the four areas of competencies as well as increase their awareness regarding Francophone culture. It is intended that students will become more proficient communicators both orally, and in their written work.

Basic French 40S (Prerequisite: French 30S)

By the end of 40S, the student should have progressed to a level where they have a wider appreciation of the French language and culture. They also should be able to understand and communicate in the target language in a variety of situations. After three years of study, the student should have a secure basis for further academic or conversational studies.

French 22GIB, 32SIB and 42SIB (Language B)

French 42SIB is approved for selection for university

These courses are based on the standard Français de Base curriculum and are for students seeking an IB diploma. These courses are enriched in order to prepare students for the IB exam in Grade 11 (during the 42S course). In addition, students normally take two courses in the grade 10 year (French 22GIB & 32SIB), which provides a more intensive basis for future studies. By the end of Grade 11, students earn three credits in French and should achieve a high degree of proficiency.


A. Four programs of mathematics are offered at Miles Macdonell Collegiate:

Applied Mathematics

This program emphasizes problem solving and real world applications of mathematics. Students are required to have a graphing calculator as technology plays an important role in this course.

Consumer Mathematics

A very practical course aimed at preparing students for the daily requirements of mathematics such as banking, preparing time cards, investments, credit usage, and taxes, to name a few.

International Baccalaureate Mathematics (Standard Level)

This program follows the pre-calculus curriculum with four additional topics specific to IB. These four topics are usually covered in first year university courses (calculus, vector geometry, matrices, and statistics).

Pre-calculus Mathematics

This program of study is theoretical and abstract in nature. As the title indicates, its primary focus is to prepare students for the study of calculus at the post-secondary level.

B.     Grade levels/specific programs at different grade levels:     

Applied Mathematics 20S, 30S, 40S
Consumer Mathematics 20S, 30S, 40S
International Baccalaureate Mathematics 22S, 32S, 42S, 42A
Pre-calculus Mathematics 20S, 30S, 40S
Calculus 45A

For a detailed description of each course, please refer to the Miles Macdonell Handbook (see the link on our homepage).

C.     Who are these courses designed for?

Applied Mathematics

This program is designed for students who enjoy problem solving. It is excellent for students considering the trades or other fields that do not require a strong theoretical background in mathematics. It is important to note that students studying applied mathematics will not be in a position to enrol in calculus at a post-secondary institution. Regarding university/college entrance requirements, some institutions accept applied mathematics for entrance while others do not. Please check the specific requirements of the institution that interests you.

Consumer Mathematics

This program is designed for students who wish to acquire a very practical knowledge of mathematics. Students studying consumer mathematics have usually ruled out career choices which involve higher level mathematics. Regarding university/college entrance requirements, some institutions accept consumer mathematics for entrance while others do not.  Please check the specific requirements of the institution that interests you.

International Baccalaureate Mathematics (Standard Level)

 Please see the pre-calculus description below.

Pre-calculus Mathematics

Students wishing to pursue a field of study that requires calculus or other higher level mathematics topics are encouraged to enrol in this program. Students in this program usually enjoy mathematics and have an aptitude for abstract thinking and problem solving. Many universities and colleges require pre-calculus mathematics for entrance requirements; however it is essential that you check the specific requirements of the institution that interests you.

Physical Education

Beginning September 2008 all students at Miles Macdonell will be required to take physical education.  Students graduating in June 2009 will require the 20F physical education credit as well as the Active Healthy Lifestyle (AHL) 40F credit.  Students graduating in June 2010 and beyond will require the PE20F, AHL30F, AHL40F credits for graduation.

Physical Education 20F (Grade 10)

The Grade 10 course (PE20F) will be timetabled daily in one semester for all Grade 10 students.  Topics will include a variety of physical activities including team sports (e.g. volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, touch football, etc.), alternative pursuits (e.g. archery, bowling, dance, golf, etc.), and racquet sports (e.g. tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc.)  During the activity blocks the students will have the opportunity to choose from three different activities.  In addition there are compulsory topics all students are required to take including heart fitness, resistance training, human sexuality, nutrition, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, substance abuse, and stress management.  Female students will have the opportunity to register for a ladies only physical education class (PE20FL) that will focus specifically on the needs of young women.

Active Healthy Lifestyle 30F and 40F (grades 11 and 12)

The Grade 11 and 12 courses (AHL30F, AHL40F) focus on developing lifelong habits promoting healthy, active futures.  Students will have the opportunity to choose from five streams including Leadership, Fitness for Life, Fitness for Life Ladies Only, Sport Development, and Outdoor Pursuits (beginning September 2009).  Grade 11 and 12 physical education students will be scheduled for class every second day for one semester.  Students will be required to complete a physical activity practicum totaling 55 hours of moderate to vigorous activity outside of class time.  In class the students will have 27.5 hours of instruction and learning activities based on the core curriculum.  Topics will include fitness management, mental-emotional health, social impact of sport, and substance use and abuse prevention.  The remaining 27.5 hours of contact time will be stream specific.  There will be an opportunity for all students to personalize their program to best meet their needs.  Assessment of the AHL courses will be complete or incomplete with no percentage grade included.  Students who meet course requirements will receive a “complete” designation and will receive their required credit.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at Miles Macdonell Collegiate offers a wide variety of interesting courses at all high school grade levels. These courses are designed to actively engage our students in the study of history, geography, sociology and psychology. Most of our courses are offered at the G, S, and IB levels.

We encourage our students to take an interest in the world around them and to become life-long learners. We feel that it is important for our students to become acutely aware of the complex world in which they live and to become active participants in society.

The following courses are offered by the Social Studies Department at Miles Macdonell Collegiate:

Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12

Geography 20G

Canadian History 30G

Geography 40S

Geography 22GIB

Canadian History 30S

History-Western Civilization 40SWC

Géographie 20G

Canadian History 32SIB

History-World Issues 40GWI

Géographie 22GIB

Histoire du Canada 30S

History-World Issues 40SWI

Geography E

Sociology 31G

History 42S/42A IB

American History 20G


Histoire 40S/40G

American History 22GIB


Psychology 41G

Visual/Creative Arts


The art program is based on the premise that art is for everyone!

Courses offered at the “general level:”

Art 20G – Grade 10 
Art 30G – Grade 11
Art 40G –  Grade 12

Art appreciation, art fundamentals, and medium manipulation are integral components of the program. The importance of art in society, past, present, and future, is promoted throughout the program as a basic human need.

* No previous experience is required to enrol in Art 20G

Courses offered at the “specialized level:”

Art 30S – Grade 11
Art 40S – Grade 12

Art 30S and 40S are “portfolio based.” These courses have a greater workload than the general level and provide the opportunity for self-directed work.

These courses are approved for selection to university and are highly recommended for students considering a career in fine art, architecture, interior design, graphic design and other post-secondary studies.


Miles Macdonell Collegiate Music Program offers a host of opportunities for our students from leading edge courses in creative development to traditional performance ensembles. Our Mighty Mac Studio and Music Production programs are designed for those students exploring the possibilities of a career in music, post-secondary studies or have a deep desire to create their own music. The inner workings of the music language are explored to assist students in their creative pursuits and to de-mystify the world of professional music.

Band classes offer students an excellent avenue to continue their studies in an atmosphere of excellence and collegiality performing a wide ranging repertoire.

Choir explores the art of singing from a world music stance, encompassing traditional European, jazz, world and popular forms of vocal delivery.

Jazz Band and Prodigy (vocal ensemble) are available for our advanced students whose musical needs are met with demanding high level performance standards and outstanding performance opportunities on local, national and international stages.

Additionally, Miles Macdonell Collegiate offers guitar programs and a host of student initiated ensembles. Through the creative art of music and performance, our student are accorded exceptional experiences for both artistic and personal development.


·   Drama 20G
·   Drama 30S
·   Drama 40S
·   Plays/Musicals
·   English Improv Team
·   French Improv Team

At all levels students learn how to immerse themselves in the “truth of the moment” as they take the stage. In Grade 10, students are introduced to the art of drama through active participation.  Students focus on tableau, mime, character work, Reader’s Theatre, and improvisation. The Grade 11 course focuses on interpretation of characters and scripts.  This course examines in detail the psychology of acting and role creation. Once students have reached Grade 12, they really begin to focus on the creative voice. It is an advanced course in writing, acting, directing, and play production. All courses also have a large written component and at all grade levels students develop several original creations for performance.

Dramatic Arts is also offered at Miles Macdonell Collegiate through extra-curricular plays and musicals, one of which is performed each year. Audition information is always posted outside the theatre. Past productions include “Mess”, “Fame”, and “High School Musical.”  Miles Macdonell Collegiate also has an English improv team and a French improv team, both of which are always looking for new members. We’d love to see you get involved in drama at Miles Macdonell Collegiate.