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Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
River East Transcona School Division
Honour Roll & Awards Criteria
1. Averages are calculated using the average of the following five final marks at each grade level:

            - one "required" English or Francais

            - one Mathematics

            - 3 next best marks

2. Half credit courses are not included in the average.

3. Distance Education, Online, Special Language and non-repeater summer school credits may be included.

4. Any failures or marks under 70% disqualify students from receiving Honours.

5. The minimum average for Honours is 80%. Any student who achieves and average of 90% or higher will receive hounours with distinction.

6. IB courses and regular courses are considered different and separate courses for the purposes of calculating Honours. (EG) English 40S, English 42S and English 42A are different courses and can all be used in the individual calculations.