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Lord Wolseley School
River East Transcona School Division

Student Health and Welfare

Student Accident Insurance

Voluntary student insurance may be obtained from the Reliable Life Insurance Company. This plan is recommended by the Manitoba School Boards Association. It is administered by Reed Stenhouse Limited and should be purchased directly through them with applications forms distributed by the school each September.

Administration of Medication

School personnel are not permitted to administer non-prescription medication (e.g., Tylenol, Advil, cough syrup). In the event it is necessary for your child to take prescribed medication during school hours, the appropriate forms must be completed. These forms are available at the school office or in the Documents and Forms section. These forms must be completed each year. Please note that the school cannot administer the first dose of any medication with the exception of an Epi-pen.


Should a child become injured or ill in school, we will place a call to their parent or guardian or to the emergency contact designated on the information form filled out each September.

Please inform the school office of any changes to your address, phone number or work number.

It is important that the form be correct and current. An emergency contact must be provided. If we are unable to reach a parent/guardian and the illness or injury is serious, a member of the staff will take the child to the hospital or accompany them there by ambulance. In the case of a major accident or medical emergency, emergency services (i.e. a call to 911) may be activated.


At Lord Wolseley School we have students who are allergic to a variety of substances including peanuts and nuts. These substances can cause severe life-threatening reactions in some people. We ask that parents/guardians help ensure the safety of all students in our school community by not sending food that contains peanuts, nuts, or food items that say “May contain traces of peanuts or nuts.”