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Lord Wolseley School
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In addition to their regular academic programming, students at Lord Wolseley School have opportunities to become invovled in a variety of activities, teams, and clubs. The majority of these occur during the school day while others occur after school hours. These activities are varied to address students' interests. By particpaticing in these activities students can enhance or develop fitness levels, leadership and teamwork skills, self-esteem and a sense of self-worth, and increase their knowledge base.

World Changers Club

The World Changers is a club offered to students in SMA and 5/6 who have a keen interest in social justice and want to make a difference in the world. An emphasis is placed on doing both local and global projects. The goal is to raise awareness by doing what we can whether it is raising funds through activities and sales, collecting needed items through collection campaigns or participating in events.

Our present global project focuses on raising money to fund a clean water project for a village in Haiti. One of our local initiatives is to lend our support to Agape Table by hosting a winter gear collection and by raising much needed funds.

Sports Clubs/Teams

Students are invited to participate on a variety of sports clubs and teams throughout the school year. Some examples include: soccer club, cross country, flag football, volleyball, creative routine.  

School Patrols

Each year, students in grades 4, 5 and 6 are invited to apply for a position on the school patrol team. Street patrols help ensure the safety of students who walk to and from school and receive extensive training through the school and the Winnipeg Police Department. Bus patrols help provide a safe ride for the bus students. They receive their training from the River East Transcona Transportation Department.  

Morning Announcements

Each classroom takes responsiblity for the morning announcements for a one month period during the school year. Scripts are provided and students make the announcements over the PA system. 

Birthday Recognitions

All students are recognized on their birthday. Kindergarten students sing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday person/people and give them a special birthday prize.


Students are invited to participate in the school's recorder club and divisional choir. 


Students are encouraged to be mindful of the environment by recycling and composting. Each class is responsible for disposing their recycling appropriately and our Junior Multiage class is responsible for the composting of appropriate materials.