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Kildonan-East Collegiate
River East Transcona School Division

Student Support Services

Guidance and Counselling

School counsellors are available to meet with students and/or parents to provide assistance of a general or personal nature. Services are provided in a wide variety of areas such as career development, course selection, planning of post-secondary education, study habits, decision making, personal relationships and many other areas that affect students' physical, emotional and mental well-being. School counsellors also function in a consultative capacity to students, parents, guardians and teachers. When special services are required, referrals are made to outside agencies.


Resource teachers are part of the Student Services Support Team at Kildonan-East Collegiate. Resource teachers are available to work closely with students who may be experiencing learning difficulties in their courses. Resource teachers liase with parents, students, divisional consultants, and teachers to help support successful learning environments and programming for all students. Services may include the recovery of credits through individualized self-paced learning programming, the provision of specialized materials and equipment for individual students needs and referrals to outside agencies if required.

Adolescent and Adult Community Transition (AACT)

A.A.C.T. provides programming for students between the ages of 15-21 with documented academic challenges. The focus of A.A.C.T. is to individualize planning to meet students' prime needs and help the student set realistic goals to prepare for the transition from high school to employment and the community. A.A.C.T. includes integration into academic and vocational classes with modifications and supports, individualized instruction in a small group setting, adult and daily living skills instruction, and career exploration, volunteering and work experience.

Life Skills

The Life Skills Programming at Kildonan-East Collegiate provides individualized programming for special education students, ages 16-21 years. The school programming focuses on the following domains: self-management and home living, vocational, recreation and leisure, community functioning, and academics. Transition planning with school, work and community/social supports ensures a smooth transition from school to Community Living, Vocational Rehabilitation or Mental Health Services.


CareerBridge is a comprehensive, developmental program that prepares the students of Kildonan-East Collegiate for a smooth transition from school to life after high school, whether it be work or further education or training.

Community Service/Mentorship

This program is designed for Grade 12 students who may be interested in a future career in education. The overall goal is to promote leadership skills of Grade 12 students while mentoring a Grade 9 student. The Grade 12 student will learn basic concepts involved in teaching, and reading and writing as well as team work skills, reciprocal teaching skills and organizational/time management skills while assisting the Grade 9 students.

Peer Tutoring

If a student is having difficulty in a course he/she can contact their classroom teacher and/or resource teacher to see if there is a peer tutor available to assist them with the course.

Natural Helpers

Students receive training to develop their helping skills such as expressing care and concern, active listening and questioning techniques, exploring options and consequences, and referring serious problems of their peers to adult resources. The program is designed to provide the strengthening of their helping skills to better support their high school peers and others in the community.