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Academic Diploma
(See also: Advanced Placement, Certificate Programs)

The Academic program provides a sound education at the secondary level. It is organized to maintain a balance between the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Physical Education. Students select additional optional courses to meet their specific needs. This program provides a basis for further education at the University or College level. Students may wish to consider the Dual Diploma Program that combines the Academic Program and the Vocational Technology Program. 

Dual Diploma

Dual Diploma students combine requirements for a vocational diploma with those of an academic diploma. Students must take a grade 11 Science and grade 12 Transactional Focus, Literary Focus or Comprehensive Focus.

Acquisition of a Dual Diploma does not ensure students of entry into all university faculties and programs or qualify them for entrance scholarship requirements. Students need to ensure they have taken necessary prerequisites for admission to university programs to qualify for entrance scholarship.

Certificate Programs

  • Biomedical Internship Certificate
  • Creative Arts Certificate
  • Information Technology

See page 10 of the Information Handbook for more information.

Advanced Placement

A number of enriched or advanced courses are offered at the Grade 12 level. Enriched AP preparatory courses are offered in certain subjects. Students who excel in regular classes are encouraged to speak to their subject teachers about registering for AP in the next grade. AP prep. courses, while not pre-requisites, are recommended for students interested in pursuing advanced placement standing. These courses together are known as the Advanced Placement Program (AP). There are a number of benefits and considerations associated with the AP Program. Please see our Information Handbook for full details

Principal's Honour Roll Criteria


  • 80% average among courses (current mark in the course at the end of Semester 1 - final marks no longer necessary at this time)
  • must be enrolled in at least three courses (if Phys. Ed. is third course and they have received standing without percent, average of other two courses is taken)
  • no mark can be lower than 60%

Other Details

  • End of Semester 1 and Semester 2
  • lists of students printed and posted separately for each semester
  • letters sent home at the end of each semester
  • new display board with current names of students on honour roll - picture will no longer be taken
  • previous years' pictures will be removed and archived except for years of current students
  • students from Semester 1 will have their names displayed in the Honour Roll Display Case.
  • students from both Semester 1 and Semester 2 will have their names entered into the yearbook.