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Tanzania 2010

โ€‹Tanzania2.jpgLast May and June, our humanitarian group Tanzania 2010 finally completed our 4 year long venture with a journey to Karatu, Tanzania.

The highlight of the trip was meeting the children, teachers, and community members of Qaru Lambo and Gilala elementary schools.  These were the two schools for which we had raised the funds to provide rainwater harvesting tanks.  They proudly showed us the fruits of our combined labours.  The community members were expected to contribute time,  labour, and resources to build the infrastructure for the tanks, while we provided the money for the actual materials.  The schools set up water management committees with student members responsible for keeping the drinking and hand washing stations filled from the main concrete collection tanks.  Our funds also provided improved pit latrines for the female students, which may not have seemed luxurious to us but are seen as a very empowering stride towards gender equality for the Tanzanian students.


During our visit, KE students played many games with our hosts, who were thrilled with the duffel bags of sports equipment we left with them.  The Tanzanian children were amazed to see that Canadian girls play soccer as itโ€™s a boysโ€™ sport over there.  They also gamely tried out the Frisbees and were delighted to show off their jump-rope skills.  Together we planted about 200 fruit trees around the schools which will provide food for the children in a few short years.  We were treated like royalty โ€“ welcomed, feasted, entertained, and honoured with tokens of appreciation such as Masai blankets and handmade sandals.


Our experiences in Africa included visits to farmers, clinics, villages, art centres, markets, and an amazing afternoon spent with UMATU โ€“ a group of fascinating women educating their community about HIV/AIDS.  We also had the opportunity to partake in an unforgettable safari through the Serengeti to see magnificent animals, a walk through the lush rainforest, and a โ€œhikeโ€ on majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.


The students who worked hard on this project were unanimous in their final impressions โ€“ it was completely amazing and in many ways, life-changing.  Our partner organization CPAR provided us with many unforgettable experiences and a glimpse of the many great projects they have underway.  Hopefully we will find a way to be involved with some of these ventures in the future.  Thanks to the staff of KEC and our community for their support over the past four years โ€“ you canโ€™t imagine the difference we have made!