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School Activities and Clubs 2019-20

Name of GroupTeacher(s) in chargeMeeting DaysLocationTimeGoals of the Group

E. Unger, J. Isaac-Martens,        G. Kowalski, M. Grewal,                J. Thompson, D. Michaleski, 

Thurs. (Alternating)Rm.138LunchOur committee shall provide opportunities for students to be knowledgeable about the diverse histories, worldviews, identities, perspectives, languages and cultures, traditions, life styles and contributions of Canadaโ€™s First Peoples. Through these opportunities, the goal is to feel a sense of pride and a desire to participate in a peer mentoring program with our neighbouring schools.
Art ClubA. LandThursdayArt RoomLunch Art Club is a group for all student artists to find inspiration and practice art skills. We will look at drawing and painting techniques, and mixed media.  Students can spend time working on independent pieces, practicing techniques,  or trying out some new ideas.
Anime ClubJ. Weisshaar, M. Murray,            I.Harder, L. SunMondays, FridaysRoom 216ALunchAnime Club is a place for students who are fans of Japenese animation to meet, discuss, and watch Anime together. We meet two times a week. Mondays the club leaders organize activities like drawing, crafts, trivia and games. Fridays students meet to view an episode of an anime that the group has voted to watch.  
Best BuddiesK. Way, T. O'Connell,                    J. Guspodarchuk, D. RamsayMonthly - times varyLife Skills- (Rm. 141)Best Buddies is about creating friendships between students and individuals with intellectual diabilities.  These friendships help breakdown barriers to inclusion and provides opportunities for shared experiences, laughter and support.
Dance TroupeE. Thomas, Day variesDrama Roomweekly schedule
Dance Team(Varsity)E. Thomas, FridayDrama RoomAfter school
Debate ClubE. Thomas, E. UngerMondaysLibrary/Open AreaAfter SchoolNew this year to KEC, the Debate Team is for students who look forward to class discussions and enjoy learning and talking about current events and issues.  The team will work towards entering one or more local debate competitions this year.
ESportsL. Sun
Green TeamD. Gordon, L. ClasenWednesdaysRoom 207LunchThe Green Team is the group responsible for finding new ways to make our school more eco-friendly.
Grad CommitteeC. Paterson, T. Rak, J. FriesenTuesdaysRoom 209LunchOpen to Grade 12 students.  Have a say in what your grad looks like.
Graphic Design ClubJ. CannizzaroRoom 203
(Design Studio)
LunchThe profession of graphic design utilizes creativity and technology to communicate ideas or messages through the use of technology. The Graphic Design Club is held together by students and mentored by Mr. Cannizzaro with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop ideas in design. Students explore and are trained in the development of concepts and design for promotional materials such as magazine advertisements, posters, folders, letterheads, corporate logos, brochures, booklets, print, lettering and typography, photography, and electronic media including motion graphics. Our club is designed to serve as an alternative creative outlet for students to explore personal creative ideas outside of regular classes.
GSAC. Colorado, A. LaFleche,            L. ClasenMondaysRm. 135ALunchTogether we the members of the GSA promise to do our best to create a peaceful alliance between LGBTQ students and straight students!  We will create an environment in which it is safe for people to express themselves, their individuality, and/or their sexuality without consequence or judgment!
Guitar EnsembleM. ZimmermanDay 2Music RoomLunchThe Guitar Ensemble is an auditioned small group that rehearses every Day 2 at lunch.  It performs numerous times throughout the year at various venues, festivals and concerts. Any KE guitar student is welcome to audition.
Improv TeamT. FrancisWednesdaysDrama RoomLunchAll our welcome to join our once-a-week noon hour improv team.  Spend your lunch learning the techniques of improv performance while making some great friends.  Sometimes we laugh with each other and sometimes at each other - regardless, there is laughter!  See Ms. Francis in the drama room for more information.  
Key ClubT. Hawryluk, S. Hocken-Attwell, S. Lachowich, E. Hunter,              G. GrawbergerTuesdaysOpen AreaLunchKey Club is a student-led group which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.  The vision of Key Club is to develop competent, capable, and caring leaders through the vehicle of service.  Each year members of the Key Club volunteer their time and use their skills to help others in the community and raise money and awareness both locally and internationally.  
Knitting and CrochetingA. Cormier
Mind, Body & SoulD. Michaleski, M. WeichselLunch
Neechie CircleM. Grewal, J. ThompsonThursdaysLunch Neechi Circle is a place for self-identified Indigenous students and allies to get to know each other and support each other. This group meets once or twice a month where we talk, play games, and may include some learning and teachings. Neechie Circle plants, takes care of, and harvests the KEC Medicine Garden at the front of the school.
Outdoor Adventure ClubJ. Giasson               TBAKEC believes strongly in providing opportunities for students to experience, grow and learn beyond the confines of the school.  Numerous outdoor pursuits in the great outdoors are available to the general student body.  Excursions will vary in length from one to four days and will make use of all seasons.  There will be opportunities for beginners as well as for enthusiasts.  A KEC Outdoor Adventures Club pamphlet detailing each opportunity as well as its timeframe and leader will be distributed to all students in TA.  If you have any questions regarding an outing, please contact Mr. Giasson and he will steer you toward the staff member responsible for it.       
Pastry ClubA. Lafleche, C. KalininTBAPastry Shop3:15-4:15Will be completing a project to be submittedfor display in the Culinary Salon. Examples are theme cakes and wedding cakes. Priority will be given to culinary and pastry students.
Performance Rock BandM. Zimmerman
ResonanceJ. Isaac-Martens
Social Justice ClubE. Unger J. Thompson, D. Tryon, E. Hunter, L. KlassenTBAOpen AreaLunchThe goal of the Social Justice Club is for students to become more aware of Social Justice and Human Rights issues both locally and globally. We plan and run school events to highlight issues that important in our society and school today.
Songwriters CircleM. Zimmerman
Student LeadershipM. Lawrence, E. Thomas,              V. Romans, K. WayMondays
Room 114
LunchThe Student Leadership team is made up of students of all grade levels who are passionate about making KEC a positive and fun place to be.  Focusing on community and healthy competition, the team is responsible for putting together school-wide events, such as spirit weeks, pep rallies, dances, and more! 
The Writing RoomD. Krause
Yearbook CommitteeK. Athayde, J. Thomson,TuesdaysRoom 205LunchIf you would like to work on the yearbook for 2019/20.
Zoey's Woof PackA. Gladu(Photography, layout, choose theme design, type)
Athletics started:Volleyball, Football, Golf, See Mr. Bauer - athletic director 
Cross-Country, Hockey, 
Future Athletics:Basketball,  
Indoor/Outdoor Soccer, 
Indoor/Outdoor Track,
Ultimate, Badminton, Baseball
Intramurals:Football, Volleyball,EverydaySign-ups are outside the gym
Soccer, Floor Hockey,
Dodgeball, Basketball
Outdoor EducationPanorama TripInformation to come out in November
Canoe TripInformation to come out in May