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John W. Gunn Middle School
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JWG "We Miss Our Wildcats" Parade

May 22, 2020
Led by Mr. Paterson's well dressed car, a pontoon boat float and a peloton of costumed cyclists, JWG showed our community how very much we are missing them!  
Staff took the opportunity to send messages of care and positivity to our student body, along with so many others we passed along our route.
It was a moving experience that showed us a deeper value of our community and the joy that a simple street event can bring in time of distance and separation. 

Thanks to the crew for putting together the route map, the music and sound system, and the float; to Constable Chapko for his flashy escort and to all our staff for getting involved - Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Thanks to everyone in the community for their awesome participation - it was just great to see so many smiling faces and wavers along the way!

Until we meet again - stay safe, stay positive, stay connected

Wildcat parade.png