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Adopt-a-Project was an initiative established this year that encouraged classroom / grade level teams to participate in an outreach project or support a charitable organization.  Support was provided in the form of financial assistance, resource collecting and student labour.

GOAL: The goal of this initiative was to provide all students the opportunity to be engaged in “relevant and meaningful” socially responsible activities. In the past, some of these projects were undertaken by a select group of students that were connected to a “Leadership” club. The long-term goal of these projects was to provide opportunities for all students to develop leadership skills while at the same time, have students and staff feel more connected to these very valuable experiences and character building events.

Here are some of the projects that were “adopted” this year were  :

Grade              Neighbourhood Clean-up

                             Bake Sale with proceeds given to a Trust Fund

                             Friendship bracelets

 Grade     7         Pennies from Heaven

                             Humane Society Campaign

                             Help Haiti Campaign

 Grade     8         Christmas Shoe Box

                             Bio-Reserve Clean-Up

                             Radisson Reading Buddies