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John W. Gunn Middle School
River East Transcona School Division


In June of each year, the following awards are presented at a grade level awards presentation that is open to the public.  All parents/guardians and relatives are encouraged to attend and congratulate students who have earned special recognition for their work or involvement in school. 

Participation in School Life

Any student that participates in a club, team or activity in the school will receive a certificate listing what they have been involved in. 

Wildcat Club

Any student who participates in four or more activities (Participation in School Life) will receive a wildcat patch and be recognized as a member of the Wildcat Club.  In subsequent years if students meet the criteria they will receive a bar depicting the year of the award.

Award of Excellence

Awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence by consistently meeting curricular outcomes throughout the year.   One certificate will be presented listing the subject areas.


Awarded to students who have demonstrated respect by consistently being co-operative, courteous and caring towards others.  Each student being recognized for citizenship will receive a certificate.

Outstanding Effort

Awarded to students who have consistently demonstrated extraordinary effort throughout the year.  Each student being recognized for outstanding effort will receive a certificate.

Outstanding Athlete

Awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in the athletic programs of the school year.  This will be awarded at each grade level.  Students will receive a certificate.

Attendance Award

Awarded to three students in each homeroom that attend regularly and are on time.